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Five Practical Websites Homepage Design Tips

Mockplus Team

Wikipedia defines a homepage as the initial or main web page of a website or a browser. I guess the word “initial” or “main” says enough significance already. The situation can be really ironic sometimes: websites designers wonder why visitors leave your homepage so ruthlessly, while users feel disappointed even at the first glance on your homepage. The bridge between designers and users seems destroyed. So my intention in this article is to rebuild the bridge by providing useful materials - five practical websites homepage design tips.

1. Keep it simple but not plain

Is the word “simple” and “plain” contradicted to each other? I suppose this is the question you may ask. The answer is definitely no.

By “simple” I mean just get rid of all those unnecessary clutter or dazzling pictures, videos, photography and colors. It’s kind like get your homepage lose weight. You might remove your eyes from a fat person with bulky clothes and all mussy make up. If you agree with that then you’ll understand.

On the other hand, don’t make it plain. That is to keep charming and appealing. The following elements may help you add beauty to your homepage: a powerful logo, an eye-friendly fonts, a wise color usage involves aesthetics, a professional photography carries weigh and an easy-to-find navigation without broken the overall design, etc.

The core of the websites homepage design tips here could be summarized as one say: maintain a good taste and people will find your charm.


2. Target your users

Your target users are the main source of your market, those who happen to find your homepage will finally hit the “back” button. Do not try to hook all visitors to dig deeper into your site. It won’t last long and your matched users may turn to your competitors instead. Spend time and energy on appealing your targeted users. Do not feel sorry for your homepage is narrowed or limited. Actually it is the way a good homepage should be.

Steven Krugg’s golden rule may best explain the homepage design tips here: Don't Make Me Think. So just present clearly what you can do and allow visitors figure out if you are the goal they came for. I believe your user will value your effort and stick to it if you exactly meet their needs.

user target

3. Powerful function values high

A good homepage should keep both the “outside” and the “inside” in check. The “inside” I am talking about here is a good function. Since the term function is a really big topic which requires tremendous practices and discussion, I’d like to narrow it down to several details.

First, useful links cannot miss. Links to help users get to relevant information. I suggested keep homepage a simple style but the function still values high. It just need a perfect balance. Keep them in a line or other arrangement mode which easy to find but still match with the overall design.

Second, set hint buttons. This is to guide visitors to follow your design to explore your site. Moreover, visitors may ask for help or start a contact when a problem occurs or a business request is happened. Those include “download free,” “buy now,” “contact us,” etc.

Third, make usage on multiple devices. This is simple to understand, you must have check yourFacebook feeds on a mobile phone.

Those homepage design tips here may sound easy and tiny, but they do cost if you want to achieve the best.


4. Keep testing

In my another article i have already talked about the importance of testing. I believe test and keeping testing is an unchangeable rule in every design field since the very first day that i joined in this promising industry. The saying goes: people change. Take a metaphor here, the users and thedesign trend are also changing.

Test is the best way to check all the changes and make your homepage live on the right moment. It is more than one of those homepage design tips that achieve continuous progress and maintain latest update.


5. Involve your corporate culture

Every product behind is a story. A good homepage is a reflection of your team, your intention to achieve something, your social value and your psychological environment. I believe those factors are integral part of your overall design. Once your users find the value, you’ll make a big difference.

A note: the above five websites homepage design tips may not so appropriate to all kinds of businesses. For example, the small business which just make their very first start and those giant brands with millions fans. However, not a homepage could talk big as it is perfect. So do consider those practical tips and find what works for you. Wish you get better and better.

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Mockplus is a desktop-based tool for prototyping mobile, web and desktop apps easily and quickly. Create interactions by simple drag-and-drop and your teamwork will be time-efficient with the collaboration features.