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A great article should be well researched and organized. People visit Mockplus to keep up to date with the latest design trends and techniques and also to learn more about well-established methodologies.

What Will We Ask of You?

Body Requirements

  1. Mockplus is a professional prototyping design tools, so we only accept articles about UX design, UI design, mobile APP design, web design and related fields. We do not accept SEO or marketing related articles.
  2. We approve only well researched and thorough articles, preferred length of the article is 1000 and more words.
  3. There should not be any issues with the copyright of content and images that you submit.
  4. Article should be unique, original and should not be published anywhere else, and should not be copied or plagiarized from another source. 
  5. Article should not just be meant to sell or promote other product or service of your own. 
  6. Each article must have at least 2 outgoing links to reference work that has already been conducted by someone else. There is no maximum limit on the number of times you link to articles on
  7. Last but not least, please make sure to have your article proofread and checked for grammatical errors before submitting it to us.
  8. Submission should include the title, keyword and 120-160 characters(including space)description in the front of main body.

Image Requirements

  1. Article should have at least 4 images and 1 featured image.
  2. Acceptable file formats for images include GIF, JPEG, and PNG.
  3. Most images for publication on Mockplus should be 900*400, and featured image should be 908*480.

What Will Mockplus Do for You?

  • We have lovely, experienced editors and reviewers with specific knowledge in the subjects we cover. They will help ensure your article really hits the mark.
  • We will promote your article on Facebook, Twitter and in all our other channels.

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