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11 Features That Make Mockplus iDoc Stand Out

  • Various ways to access specs

    There are three specs modes available in iDoc. You can hover over any layers; you can select a single layer or multiple layers; and you can hold down Alt to convert specs to percentage values.

  • View duplicate elements

    You only need one click to view duplicate design elements such as text, color, margin, and width. All duplicate items will be shown on the screen, making your work more efficient.

  • View tiny details of specs

    Some design details might be too small. In iDoc, you can hold down the Z key, and the Magnifier will pop up to help you view detailed specs.

  • Tailored resources, all in one place

    Mockplus iDoc automatically generates accurate specs, assets, and code snippets from designs — all tailored for the platform you’re developing for. Moreover, iDoc automatically converts units based on your project type and density with its unit switching panel. No more getting lost in design files.

  • Build your team’s design style guide

    Collect and organize your team's projects and resources automatically. Components, colors, and text styles - all of them will be in the easy-to-maintain style guide.

  • Show relationships in full-view storyboard

    The full-view storyboard will contain all design screens from your product. You can zoom in /out to see it in details. You can create a relationship between screens by dragging & dropping a Line between them. You can provide more details by adding Line descriptions. The navigation map helps with fast positioning.

  • Comments with various styles

    iDoc provides various comment styles for your comments, including Pin, Circle, Rectangle, Arrow, Straight Line, and Text. Comments are available in real- time so you can gather instant feedback, hastening the progress of projects.

  • Hi-fi interactive prototype

    Effortlessly transform your static design files into working prototypes with a single click. iDoc provides 9 transition animations and supports auto jumping and setting a fixed area.

  • Group and manage design screens

    In iDoc, screens are managed in the Screen Tree and can be grouped easily. The structure is clear at a glance.

  • Control your project progress easily

    You can combine icons (20 icons provided) with colors to mark progress, show priority, or comment on designs. It is also possible to sort design screens visually.

  • Keep everyone on the same page

    iDoc provides a flexible space to share all documents with team members throughout the entire design process. You upload product documents (such as Axure/Justinmind/Mockplus RP), and your team members can download or preview them online. All documents can be grouped.


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