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Mockplus Features List

Support all platforms (iOS/Android/PC/Web) Sketch and wireframe style 200 components
8 markup components 3,000 icons (Pro) Visualized interaction design
8 pre-designed interaction components Various events and commands Execute interaction sequentially & simultaneously
Interaction state Auto recovery in interaction Masters
My favorites Fast review Export to images (Pro)
Export to demo package (Pro) Export to HTML (Pro) Export project tree (Pro)
Save component as image (Pro) Scan QR code to preview app prototype on mobile Publish project to cloud (Pro)
Preview prototype online on mobile (Pro) Cloud Sync (Pro) Print (Pro)
Auto backup Batch modification Page tag
Component remarks Import & export component Import & export project
Ruler and guidelines Share prototypes Shortcuts

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Hong Kong

PEOBASE is our local partner in Hong Kong which will offer sales and training service. (標奧彼施是我們在香港的合作夥伴,香港用戶可以聯繫他們來購買,以及進行購買前的諮詢和獲得購買後的服務。)

  • 1How to sign up in Mockplus?

    There are two ways to sign up in Mockplus:

    1) Install Mockplus desktop app and open it for signing up.
    2) Click the link: in your browser to sign up.
  • 2How do I activate Mockplus after the purchase?
    For a personal user, Mockplus will automatically activate Pro version features for you.
    For group purchases, please complete the verification process and then restart your copy of Mockplus to activate the Pro version.
  • 3Do I need to pay an extra fee whenever Mockplus comes out with a new updated version?
    No. You can update Mockplus Pro version for free within the subscription period.
    All updates within the subscription period require absolutely no extra fee at all.
  • 4Can multiple users use one account at the same time?
    No. One account can only be used by one user.
  • 5Does Mockplus support Group Purchase?

    Group purchase price is valid for a one year subscription which is $119/year.

    10% off if you purchase 3-5 copies
    20% off if you purchase 6-10 copies.
    30% off if you purchase 11-49 copies.
    40% off if you purchase more than 50 copies.
  • 6Is there an enterprise version for team work?
    No. Mockplus doesn’t have enterprise version currently.
  • 7How to cancel auto-renewal of my subscription in Mockplus?
    You can turn off the automatic renewal by following this guide.

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