Why do designers choose Mockplus over Adobe XD?

One place for your entire team

Adobe XD is built for design and prototyping. Mockplus is more than just a designing tool. It’s a collaborative workspace for your entire team. Everything is covered, from prototyping, designing, and collaboration to design-to-develop handoff, task and project management, design system, and much more!

Design faster in the cloud

You can’t run Adobe XD without installation on your mac or windows. On the other hand, Mockplus is web-based. So, with no more installation or system requirements and no more manual updating, you can create and access all your design files faster, anytime and anywhere, right in your browser. All you need to bring your next idea to life faster is here in the cloud.

Co-design anytime, anywhere

Adobe XD separates design and collaboration in different places. You have to sync local design files to Creative Cloud for collaboration. Mockplus is a real-time workspace for everyone to work together even when they are physically apart. Any changes to the design files are updated in real-time, ensuring everyone is working on the latest version. You can also invite others with different roles and permissions to fully or partially participate in the design process.

Create prototypes that work like real thing

You can only create prototypes with basic interactions to navigate between pages in Adobe XD. But what designers need is way more than that. Mockplus offers nearly all possible interactions, transitions, animations, and gestures that you may need to mimic and validate your users' real behaviors easily.

Save not just hours during handoff process

When it comes to design handoffs in Adobe XD, you have to share or update shared links repeatedly for different purposes, like gathering feedback or defining development specs. For a smoother and faster design handoff, Mockplus offers 5 modes: comment, review, development, prototype, and presentation. Everyone in a team can get everything they need all in one place.

Create greater things at less cost

Adobe XD charges $9.99/ month. Accessing Creative Cloud All Apps costs even more at $52.99/month. Mockplus offers free plans for everyone. With our excellent features, you can get all you need to bring your next idea to life. Create greater things at less cost; why not?

Seamlessly switch to Mockplus from XD

It is easy for teammates using Adobe XD to start their workflow on Mockplus seamlessly. With Mockplus plugins for Adobe XD, you can import all your design files in Adobe XD into Mockplus to ideally discuss and collaborate on a project further.

Our team at UXtweak uses Mockplus for prototyping, designing, and collaboration. It is an excellent choice because it keeps each of our product team members in the loop and helps us ship high-converting products for our Enterprise clients faster.

UXtweak UX Design & Research Team

More features to make you fall in love with Mockplus

How does Mockplus compare with Adobe XD?

Mockplus Adobe XD
Vector tools
Real-time co-editing
Platform Web-based Only Win or Mac
Prototypes mimic real experience
Auto-generated Design handoff
Built-in icons with two styles
Component interactions
Built-in versatile UI components
Responsive layout
Shareable design assets
Revision history
Flowchart diagramming
Export code for all platform
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