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Powerful yet more affordable design tool

Mockplus DT is a powerful UI design tool that includes almost all the key features of Figma, but it costs only $8 per user per month, while Figma charges $12-$45 per user per month.
With Mockplus DT, you can enjoy an easy and smooth design experience and also minimize costs. Why not?

Design in a familiar and intuitive way

Mockplus mirrors editing practices and shortcuts you’re accustomed to in design tools like Figma and Sketch, making it quite intuitive and effortless for everyone to quickly get onboard.

Start designing now

Compatible with multiple design files

Starting from your existing files has made easy. Mockplus DT allows you to import and edit Sketch/Figma/DT files, design assets, libraries with all details perfectly converted.

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Design with your own asset libraries

Save texts, colors and components in a shared & reusable library to speed up your design process and keep things consistent.

Streamline designer-to-dev workflow

Dev mode brings designers and developers together in one place and also translates designs into downloadable specs, assets, CSS snippets, and more, which helps clearly communicate design intent and makes design-to-code process 2 times faster.

Seamlessly integrated with Mockplus Cloud

Mockplus DT is directly integrated with Mockplus Cloud - one central hub to gather design files from Mockplus RP, Mockplus DT, Sketch, PS, Figma, XD and Axure for review, feedback, dev handoff, project management, tracking progress and more.

Customizable version for enterprises

Mockplus DT provides an enterprise-grade solution with private deployment on your internal server, guaranteeing a secure, scalable, and fully customizable experience tailored to your unique requirements.

Comparisons between Mockplus DT and Figma

Mockplus Figma
Work across all platforms
Multiplayer real-time collaboration
Developer handoff
Auto layout
Shared & resuable asset library
Interactive prototyping
Private deployment
Task management
Project management


Attentive service and support

Trust by some of the top enterprises