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Facing lots of challenges when using Sketch?

  • 01 Sketch works on Mac only. Causing troubles for your Windows or Linux partners?
  • 02 Sketch has a steep learning curve. Finding it challenging to use it effectively?
  • 03 The Sketch file isn't universal. Making collaboration with designers using different tools challenging?

Real-time, full-scale design collaboration

Everyone stays in the loop from design to review and handoff

Facing lots of challenges when using Sketch?

  • 01 Sketch has limited team collaboration features. Finding it challenging in project management and version control?
  • 02 Sketch supports only single-project management. Making it difficult to quickly merge files after designers work seperately?
  • 03 Sketch has no automatic hand-off mechanism. Feeling tiresome to transfer files manually?

A secure and customzible solution for enterprises

Supercharge your team with a dedicated Enterprise version - which is more secure, scalable and fully customizable

Facing lots of challenges when using Sketch?

  • 01 Sketch's support and updates are relatively slow. Feeling frustrated that certain issues and bugs persist for an extended period?
  • 02 Sketch has relatively scarce official resources and learning materials. Finding it quite difficult to get help and learn to use it?

The comparison of key features

Choose the tool that best suits you through a detailed comparison

System MacOS
Multi-user collaboration Co-design in real-time
Autosave files
Project management Create project folders
Project type settings
Project folder access settings
Essential operations Layer editing
Copy & paste styles
Proportional scaling
Text outlining
Distribution mode
Auto layer selector by properties
Property settings Basic settings
Text style settings
Blend mode
Color picker
Calculable dimension input box
Font management Local text
Variable font
Advanced text style(ligatures, baseline, bullet points)
Team fonts
Favorite fonts
Vector editing Pen tool
Pencil tool
Boolean operations
Cut paths
Auto layout Horizontal/vertical padding
Center alignment
Fixed height/width
Version histories Auto generate version histories
View historical versions of pages or artboards
Restore historical versions
Auto show operators and dates
Importing & exporting Import Sketch files
Export Sketch files
Import Figma files
Import DT files
Export DT files
Assets and exports Add slice layers
Export slice layers
Export PDF files
Interactions & preview Add interactions and change settings
Preview on mobile
Show link areas while previewing
Responsive display
Quick Actions
Grids & layouts Grid view
Layout view
Rulers and guides
Asset libraries Text styles
Layer styles
Color variables
Save artbords as templates
Replac assets
Instance overrides & reset
Entire team sharing the same asset libraries
Key features Spell checking
Find and replace colors
Replace missing fonts
Rotate copies
Auto layout
Fill PNG with colors
Review Pin to comment
Comment list
Add link reference to comment
Comment stauts
Automatically locate comment on design
Notification for comment
Show/hide comments
Development mode Switch between design and develop mode
View specs
Switch units fit to different platforms
Box model
Auto-generate code snippets
Collaboration & handoff Publish designs to collaborative platform (Mockplus CC)
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