What makes Mockplus the Best InVision Alternative?

Mockplus covers all the core features of InVision, from prototyping, UI/UX design, and collaboration to dev handoff and design systems. So, you and your team can work just as before in InVision without any disruption and chaos.

Start your workflow from Sketch and Photoshop

Previously rely on Sketch or Photoshop for design and InVision for prototyping and handoff? Don't worry! Even after switching to Mockplus, you can still follow your way and start your workflow from Sketch and Photoshop files and assets for further prototyping, collaboration and handoff, just like you did with InVision.

Collaborate on design files in real-time

Mockplus, like InVision, is a web-based design platform where you can import design files, add interactions and overlays, share and collect feedback, and seamlessly hand over all deliverables to developers via a single link. Your whole team can just do their jobs right in the browsers, in real-time.

Dev handoff made similar to InVision

Find many InVision alternatives, even Figma, are nightmares from developers' perspective? Luckily, Mockplus offers a dedicated Dev mode for developers to inspect and get everything they need via a single link. All design specs, assets and code snippets are auto generated.
This works similarly to InVision, enabling any of your team's developers to quickly get started without extra learning.

Design with the same design system

Also use InVision's Design System Manager? Mockplus has a built-in design system tool that serves as a perfect replacement, which allows you to build, reuse, evolve and maintain design systems together with your team in just one place.

Best for teams and companies on a budget

In Mockplus, design collaboration and handoff is available for teams at only $4.95 per user per month, much lower than InVision's $7.95 per user per month and Figma's $12 per user per month.
Even when you have to add extra seats for developers, Mockplus, which enables developers to access all core features, not just only the Dev mode, is much more affordable than Figma.

GM, a Washington-based design agency, relied on InVision for collaborating on Sketch files with clients. But, when InVision announced its discontinuation, they needed a suitable replacement urgently.
After exploring many alternatives, they eventually found Mockplus, which made switching super simple. Its fully customizable workflow seamlessly integrated with their design collaboration and handoff process, boosting their work efficiency.

More features to streamline your workflow

Mockplus is not just an alternative to InVision but also an upgrade, offering more advanced and user-friendly features to streamline your product design workflow.

  • All-in-one design platform

    Mockplus is built for your entire product design, from prototyping, design and feedback collection to developer handoff and design systems - all in one central hub.
    No need to frequently switch between Sketch, InVision and other design tools anymore. Everything you need is right there!!!

  • Deliver design intents clearly

    Mockplus offers an array of tools at your disposal to clearly deliver all design intents throughout the entire product design lifecycle, such as sticky notes, comments, annotations, shape tools and more.
    No updates or changes will be missed again!

  • Write and share PRDs online

    With Mockplus, product managers can write a PRD directly online. They can insert tables, images, prototypes, and design pages to enrich the content while gathering feedback through seamless sharing with others.
    Design files and PRDs can even reference each other to better explain the design requirements and needs.

  • Custom Enterprise version for you

    Have custom or tougher security requirements? Try our Enterprise version that deploys everything on your own internal server, so your team can have a full control over the project data, members and access levels, etc. It is fully secure, scalable and customizable.

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Mockplus VS InVision

Mockplus InVision
Design tool integration PS/XD/
Animate uploaded static designs
Full-view storyboard
User flow creation
Reviews and comments
Page states
Download assets in different formats PNG/JPG/
Switch between development platforms in one click
Automatic specs
Manual specs
Team activities
Project activities
Online PRD
Cutomizable task management
Design systems
Online Designing & Prototyping
Vector tools
Artboard interactions
Component interactions
State interactions
Page interactions
Built-in versatile UI components
Built-in icons with two styles
Responsive layout
Flowchart diagramming
Real-time co-editing
Shareable design assets
Revision history

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