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Brainstorm and visualize your wireframing ideas exactly as they were in your mind

Turn rough ideas into fully interactive wireframes

Collaborative wireframing at its simplest

A perfect solution for teams of any size to work on the same wireframe just like face-to-face

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Design is a team sport. It's essential to keep your team on the same page all the time. Mockplus RP makes your design life much more comfortable. With Mockplus RP, you can collaborate with your colleagues in real-time. I love being able to review designs together, conduct brainstorming sessions online and create smooth handoffs for my developers.

Nick UX architect and writer

Create wireframing assets once, and reuse at scale

With Mockplus RP, you can easily make interactive components, layouts, UI patterns and other building blocks once, and then reuse them again and again across different pages, wireframes and teams for design consistency, saving a huge amount of repetitive work.

UI flow diagramming as easy as drag and drop

Mockplus RP crafts a special mode for users to quickly map out their user flows with just a few drag-and-drops. A full UI shape library with all the basic flowchart symbols, shapes and elements helps users build all kinds of diagrams with ease.

Seamlessly connect to in-depth collaboration & handoff

Seamless integration with Mockplus Cloud guarantees that all your designs will be published to a centralized collaboration platform without losing quality along the way.

So, your entire team can then collaborate and hand off designs with auto-generated specs, assets and code snippets, enjoying instant review and commenting, a smart developer inspect mode, CSS, iOS and Android code exporting and documentation, and much more.

Effortlessly design and polish UI wireframes with simplicity

Visualize and communicate any UI ideas effortlessly within Mockplus RP. No design skill required. Quickly wireframe core pages and functionalities Simply use ready-to-use UI kits and templates, as well as easy-making interactions to present any initial design ideas in your mind. Seamlessly go from low-fi to high-fidelity Create UI designs at any fidelity level that suits your design needs, from rough sketches to fully interactive and detailed interfaces. Easy to share and collaborate Easily invite partners to work on the same page synchronously and also share it with others by sending a link.

Test your early ideas quickly with our speedy UX wireframe tool

Share UX ideas, map user flows, create UX wireframes, and timely test them out within just one tool: Drag and drop to create UX flows Quickly visualize user flows or UX flowcharts using built-in shapes, symbols, and other flowchart elements. Wireframe interactive UX design fast Create key pages and add interactions, animations, and gestures with just drag-and-drop, mimicking every intricate detail of the real UX. Easy to share, test, and feedback Share your UX wireframe via a link, so your partners can then view it from anywhere and leave their insights on specific elements.

Unlock advanced features of the web &app wireframing tool

Mockplus RP fully unleashes your potential, and makes online wireframing faster and easier than most of the other wireframe and design tools.

  • Templates and design assets
    Quickly kickstart or scale up any projects with pre-built templates, UI kits, and asset libraries, some of which even have complete real-world interactions to fully present your visions.
  • Easy data visualization
    Design any type of dashboards, forms, data grids, and data-driven content using our data components and templates, like interactive charts and tables, and also make them move with just drag-and-drop.
  • HTML demo, PDF & PNG export
    Export your wireframe to a fully interactive HTML offline demo, PDF or image for clear demonstration, and also export source files for sharing or backup in just one click.
  • Drag-and-drop design editor
    Say goodbye to complex editing or coding. Our user-friendly editor makes it easy for both beginners and experienced experts to present ideas with drag-and-drop. Nothing will distract or slow you down.
  • Test on browsers or real devices
    With a single link, you can open a wireframe right in the browser or on a real device to see whether every component, interaction, visual, and detail work as well as you wish.
  • Import from Axure
    Import your wireframes from Axure into Mockplus RP for further customization and collaboration. So, your entire team can work synchronously on the same project and get your entire product design workflow covered in one platform.
  • There is even more to streamline your
    wireframing lifecycle

    More features to empower your wireframing process

    Mockplus RP is very well thought out and allows us to create designs as quickly as possible with ease. We have several apps, that we've created mockups for, and we tried different tools, but currently we moved entirely to Mockplus RP. I think it's way too underrated (especially in Europe) and provides a great value!

    Wladimir Alexi CEO & Founder of Maground

    How to create a wireframe?

    Step 1. Do your research

    Research your target audience and competitors to gain a deeper understanding, and use pen and paper to sketch out key structures.

    Step 2. Create a project and select a template

    Click the New button to create a project and select a free wireframe template.

    Step 3. Drag and drop widgets to make wireframes

    Drag and drop widgets to wireframe the key structures and details of each screen.

    Step 4. Start turning your wireframes into prototypes

    Add more details, and link pages and components to create interactive prototypes.

    Step 5. Test, share and collect feedback

    Click the "Publish" button to share the prototype with your partners, and let them test all details and leave comments directly on the prototype.

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    Mockplus RP is a great tool that we use for user experience and user interface projects and design system work at Ramotion. Our developers are especially grateful for having this tool in our stack.

    Denis Pakhaliuk CEO of Ramotion
    Mockplus RP simplifies your wireframing to the absolute minimum
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