New in Feb
Released:  Feb 6, 2024
What's new
This release introduces the following:
- New feature to compare any two versions of your online PRD
- New support for a minimal zoom level of 1%
Design collaboration & handoff
  • Improved the zoom button visibility and kept a fixed size for the shape tools when zooming in and out.
  • Improved the response speed when renaming and drag-and-dropping to sort pages on the Project Tree.
  • New ability to generate and record editing activities of Members.
  • Improved the loading strategy for PRD versions by implementing lazy loading when the number of versions exceeds 50.
  • Fix: A PRD version may not might not be generated during an auto-saving process
Figma plugin
  • Added a new feature to upload design files along with their component descriptions.
New in Jan
Released:  Jan 10, 2024
What's new
This release, we're introducing the following:
- New feature to auto generate and save revision histories for your imported Axure and Mockplus files.
- New ability to hover over your design to show component names
Design collaboration & handoff
  • New reminder added for slow loading speed in Storyboard mode.
  • New ability to remember the position of RP sub-artboards in the single-page mode.
  • Fix: Fixed the style issue after switching the appearance on Safari browser.
  • Fix: The size of pin comments may be changed after changing the pin style.
  • Fix: Fixed the display issue of long component names.
  • Fix: The table cells and titles of your Axure prototypes may be incorrectly recognized.
Team/project management
  • New ability to select the save location when creating a new project.
  • New feature to clean up all shared public share links in just one click.
  • New feature for Admin to disable public sharing of a team in one click.
  • Improved the project cover uploading. A recommended image size is provided.
  • Fix: Your GIF image may lose its animation effects when being set as the project cover.
Task management
  • New ability to select a task group when creating a new task.
  • Document
  • New ability to choose a doc template under the Team or Recommend categories.
  • New ability to re-sort doc templates with drag-and-drops.