New in Nov
Released:  Nov 22, 2022
What's new
This time, we've released a series of new features, improvements and fixes:
- Mockplus Cloud UI 2.0 that makes the UI more intuitive and minimalist
- Introduced Annotations to offer a new way to convey design intentions to devs
- Upload images to explain your task comments further
- Optimized task creating to improve user experience
- Increased the speed of downloading, exporting and printing an online PRD.
Developer handoff
  • We've introduced a new feature called Annotations, which allows you to directly write a detailed description for any layers, groups and elements of your design to convey design intentions to devs in Review mode. So, devs can instantly check designs along with annotations in the Development section as well.
  • We also updated the UI style which gives a whole new look, making the UI more intuitive and minimalist.
  • Added support for clicking the unresolved comment number on the left Project Tree to take users to the Comment mode and see the unresolved comments.
  • Added a new right-click shortcut to rename a design page when selecting it in Storyboard.
  • Support quickly switching to the last or current artboard using shortcuts "Alt + Left/Right click".
  • Added a new prompt to tell users that a non-empty project folder cannot be deleted.
  • Added a new “Shift + mouse wheel” shortcut to move the canvas horizontally.
  • Improved page zooming. The selected page is now zoomed from the center of the current view.
  • Improved image quality when downloading assets at different scales.
  • Improved the collapsing and expanding of the Project Tree. When parent nodes are collapsed, the child node will also be collapsed at the same time.
  • Fix: Percentage specs may not be correctly switched in Safari browser when using shortcuts "Command + number".
  • Fix: The interactions of your downloaded HTML prototype may get lost, even when you've first added interactions to your imported Adobe XD files in "Prototype" mode.
  • Fix: The artboard name of your RP files may be different when being published to Mockplus Cloud.
  • Fix: When sharing the RP files via the embed link, the link resetting may not work.
  • Fix: Collaborators may not add a comment to a PRD.
  • Fix: The size of assets downloaded under Storyboard mode is different from the ones downloaded under the single page mode.
  • Fix: The CSS variable name of the fonts is not shown in Development mode after linking the project with the design system library.
  • Fix: Some new users cannot create a free team in some cases when they don't have one.
Team/Project management
  • Improved batch operations. You can now batch move or deal with your projects even under a project group.
  • Adjusted the project permissions of Collaborators. Collaborators can now share and preview the projects they create.
  • Improved the prototype uploading. When you click "+" to upload a prototype on the left Project Tree, you can choose to cancel the uploading.
  • Adjusted the access permission of Collaborators and Guests in the Storyboard mode of RP prototypes. The "Edit" button is disabled.
  • Improved the membership approval. A new popup is added to confirm the changes when trying to change the groups or joined projects that new members can access after the approval.
  • Fix: Your actions like clicking "Created date" or "Last updated" in Recycle Bin may not work.
Task management
  • Improved task searching in the empty status.
  • Design systems
  • Added support for showing how many times your Symbols are used in your Sketch files.
  • Introduced a new feature to share your design system with your team members via a single link.
  • Fix: The page turner of your PRDs may not work.
  • Fix: Your inserted RP design page may be reloaded when adding headings to your content.
  • Fix: When uploading a local document with many pages, it may load forever.
  • Fix: The edit toolbar of your inserted design image may be overlapped on the top toolbar of the document editor.
Axure plugin
  • Support taking the Axure files with the same file name as one.
Figma plugin
  • Support recognizing the rotation angles of your Figma files in the landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Added a new prompt to guide users when choosing a deleted project on the plugin.
  • Improved the frame group creation. When the frame group name exceeds the character limit, the "Create" button will be disabled.
  • Fix: The "Upload high quality assets" setting may not work after you've selected it.
  • Fix: When uploading high quality design files, your downloaded assets may have a 1-pixel deviation.
  • Fix: You may get stuck at 20% when uploading files.
  • Fix: The frame asset on the top may not be recognized.
Photoshop plugin
  • Added a new setting option to upload your design files at a high quality.
  • Support downloading high quality assets when choosing "Upload high quality assets" in the plugin.
  • Fix: Your assets may be changed from a rectangle into an ellipse after uploading.
  • Fix: Part of your asset content may get lost when aligning strokes to the center in your assets.
  • Fix: The color of your asset may be changed after setting its opacity in the plugin.
  • Fix: You may fail to upload files when marking layer groups of your design files as exportable.
Adobe XD
  • Fix: The default team may be incorrectly selected when users log in for the first time.
New in Aug
Released:  Aug 17, 2022
What's new
This release includes a few important new features that you should not miss out:
- Batch move, delete, archive, group and change the access permission of projects and project folders in one go.
- Share a whole project folder with coworkers and also invite them as members at the same time.
- Highlight the newly added or updated pages of your RP prototype in blue on the Project Tree to quickly notify your teammates.
Developer handoff
  • Improved the feature of clicking through overlapped layers. The sub-layer of the asset layers will be ignored.
  • Improved the feature to resort and manage your comment labels.
  • Fix: When you fixed the header or footer, and apply the settings to all pages in Prototype mode, you cannot adjust the header or footer back to be 0 px again.
  • Fix: When using Magnifier in Development mode, the name labels of the merged page states may not disappear timely.
  • Fix: When selecting a prototype page on the left Project Tree under the single page view, the number showing how many comments are contained may not show up.
  • Fix: When @mentioning someone by name in comments, the same name may appear twice when that teammate is a member of the relevant project and team group.
Team/Project management
  • Admins can now edit the joined projects of other Admins, Members, Collaborators, and Guests.
Task management
  • Fix: When resetting a custom task status, you may not edit all task statuses.
  • Improved the PRD editing. When you try to edit a document that someone is already editing, more information like his/her name and email account is now given.
  • Fix: The document cursor may auto jump to the top when you click Enter and select the cursor.
  • Fix: The scrollbar of your Table of Contents may not work when editing your PRD.
  • Fix: You may get an error message when selecting a document comment even after you've deleted the relevant document.
  • Added a new prompt for our Sketch plugin to upload a style asset as a new or directly overwrite the version on the web, when that style has some new changes.
  • Our Figma plugin now auto recognizes the single border of your design files.
  • Improved the upload strategy of Figma assets. You can now upload them with higher image quality.
  • Improved the PS plugin. When uploading design files for the first time, the images contained will not deviate again.
  • Fix: Your imported Axure prototype may show the upload time on the web.
  • Fix: The content of your Axure prototype may be different after being uploaded.
  • Fix: The Sketch plugin may get stuck when uploading files with too many Symbol layers.
  • Fix: When uploading your files via the Sketch plugin and selecting the "Spec includes extension area" option, your design specs may be incorrectly generated on the web.
  • Fix: After uploading your Sketch files, the icon telling which type of design files are contained within that project is not shown on the project homepage.
New in Jul
Released:  Jul 15, 2022
What's new
This time, we've launched a new Storyboard view to improve Storyboard performance 3x faster. You may revert it back to the old version, and set a default team that you will be auto taken into whenever you enter Mockplus. A new shortcut is also added to quickly expand or collapse the tables of contents of your RPD.
Feature updates
  • Added a new feature to record change logs of project folders.
  • Support directly selecting the groups and projects that a new user can join when processing his/her team membership request.
  • Added a new shortcut to quickly jump to the upper right search box in the project homepage.
  • Added new prompts to explain why users without permissions can't move a project or project folder across teams.
  • Added a "Recently viewed" list for users to quickly switch between projects when users are trying to go back.
  • Improved the parsing of RP prototypes. Hidden pages are not visible again after being imported.
  • Improved the floating toolbar in Preview mode, helping to create a more immersive experience for users.
  • Improved the prompts that occur when you are trying to clone members.
  • Improved the adjustment strategy about which design mode you'll be auto taken into. For example, if there is no file detected in the Prototype and Design modes, but, the Document mode does have some docs, you will be auto taken into the Document mode then.
  • Fix: When locating a comment via the right comment panel, the comment popup appearing in the left workspace may be covered, making it hard for you to read the comment message.
  • Fix: When commenting on a line of your PRD and @mentioning someone, the showing member list may not disappear and also even scroll with the screen, if you are trying to zoom in or out of the screen.
  • Fix: You may have to click a comment twice to switch from one comment to another in Document mode.
  • Fix: When you've selected a prototype file in Prototype mode, the prototype list may scroll up a bit immediately.
  • Fix: The tooltip to tell you there are some new pages added or updated may not smoothly follow when you scroll the Project Tree panel.
  • Fix: When trying to search for team activities by member names, you may see the same name appears twice in the search results.
  • Fix: When a design system is deleted, its name is still hyperlinked in team activity logs.
  • Fix: The Project Tree of your project can't be scrolled when previewing it on mobile devices.
  • Fix: The zoom ratio and artboard position of your PR prototype may not be remembered when refreshing the page.
  • Fix: You may get an unknown error message when trying to upload a zipped file to the Resource mode.
  • Fix: Deleting the logical lines and pages may not work in Storyboard.
  • Fix: When downloading an artboard with a complex name, the image you've downloaded may not be opened for a suffix problem.
  • Fix: The text style can't be added when using our design system plugin on a computer with M1 chips.
  • Fix: You may not be scrolled to the right code section when exporting your design system to codes and select the code language types in the left sidebar.
  • Fix: The download link of PS, Sketch and Axure plugins may not work.
  • Improved the quality of assets exported from our Sketch plugin.
  • Fixed the no response issue when trying to upgrade the Axure plugin.
  • Fixed other problems of the Axure plugin 2.0.0.
  • Fixed the issue where the rectangle shape and radius of Smart object groups may not be recognized.
New in Jun
Released:  Jun 16, 2022
What's new
This release brings a new mobile app to help you preview, test and share your designs via mobile devices. The very tiny design detail can be checked with a Pinch gesture by using this mobile app. The Storyboard view of Mockplus RP is also back again this time.
Feature updates
  • Launched a new mobile app to preview, test and share your designs, prototypes, and other design resources via your Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Support choosing "@Me" to quickly filter all comments mentioning you.
  • Support setting a page of your RP prototype as cover through the right-click menus.
  • Improved the strategy to see which design mode you'll be taken to when you are trying to enter the single page view. Your using habit will be considered.
  • Improved the display of the long project name.
  • Improved the activity presentation when you've created a new project.
  • Fix: Your downloaded PRD may lose some icon and image data somehow.
  • Fix: It may take a very long time to download all design pages at once.
  • Fix: When you selected a sub-artboard of your RP prototype via the Project Tree in Storyboard, the relevant design may not be correspondingly highlighted in the right workspace.
  • Fix: You may get a host of strange characters when previewing a TXT file in Resource mode.
  • Fix: When you've inserted an RP design into your PRD, the shown design may be a bit different from the original one.
  • Fix: Fixed the compatible issue of the Preview mode.
  • Fix: You can only select all projects, not one or a few of them, when trying to invite new members.
  • Fix: You may get an error message when trying to drag and drop an Axure offline package into the Resource mode.
  • Fix: You may be taken back to the Prototype mode when clicking a page on the Project Tree under the Preview mode.
  • Fix: When you switch between pages of uploaded Axure prototypes in Preview mode, a prompt may pop out to tell you that only team members can access the project.
  • Fix: When you've set up members of one project and gone to another project through the Back button of your web browser, the members of the latter project may be still the same as the former one.
  • Fix: You may be taken to the wrong page when pressing the shortcut key "F1".
  • Fix: You may get an error message when the projects of the deleted member may not be successfully transferred to other team members.
Adobe XD plugin
  • Improved the "Spec includes extension areas" feature.
  • Support auto filling in the status name when trying to upload an artboard as a new status.
  • Fix: Your plugin may crash when you're asked to upgrade your account for reaching the max project or design limit.
  • Figma plugin
  • Improved the "Spec includes extension areas" feature.
  • Fix: New page groups you've created on the web may not show in the plugin.
  • Fix: Some specs of your uploaded designs may not be inspected in the Dev mode.
Sketch plugin
  • Improved the "Spec includes extension areas" feature.
  • Fix: Your renaming for some instances of the exportable Symbols and Symbol masters may not work somehow.
PS plugin
  • Improved the "Spec includes extension areas" feature.
  • Fix: Some images of your designs may be broken somehow after being uploaded.
  • Fix: Some Smart objects in your designs may be blurred when uploading them at the web @2x scale.
New in May
Released:  May 12, 2022
What's new
With this update, you can easily click through overlapped layers to select any layer you want with simple clicks. Your newly added and updated designs are also highlighted in blue on the Project Tree and all your team activities can be filtered by operators, categories and so on.
Feature updates
  • Added a new feature to click through overlapped layers to quickly select any layer beneath in Development mode.
  • The preview link copied from the browser address bar requires viewers to first log in to view the project.
  • Highlighted your newly added and updated design files in blue on the Project Tree.
  • Support filtering your team activities by operators, categories and so on.
  • Support frame selecting assets to quickly download them all at once.
  • Added a new setting option to help users count in the borders or not when viewing measurements between layers in Development mode.
  • Support resorting comment labels with simple drag-and-drop.
  • Added a new hand tool to freely drag and move canvas in Development mode.
  • Improved the "Back" feature in Storyboard. By clicking "Back" in the upper left corner, you can choose to go back to recently viewed projects or switch to another project in the current foler.
  • Improved the team management interface, the number of both RP and Cloud projects you've joined are shown there now.
  • Improved the preview link of your RP prototype in Mockplus Cloud. It is always up-to-date, without having to manually sync and share your preview link again as before.
  • Improved project member invitation. When a member is successfully added to a team, the member will be automatically taken to that project.
  • Improved document commenting. Your comment will be deleted what if you comment on has been deleted.
  • Improved the user experience in Presentation mode. When an artboard cannot be fully shown there, you can just drag the canvas to view the artboard content.
  • Improved the document deletion. When a document is deleted, the next document will be automatically shown and selected.
  • Improved the performance of an embed share link on a mobile device.
  • Improved the popup design of creating new projects.
  • Improved the project display on the project homepage. The project lists are now compatible with more browsers like Safari and Firefox.
  • Fix: Your task may be incorrectly linked to a newly published RP prototype.
  • Fix: Your copied tables may not have borders in the Document mode.
  • Fix: Fixed some compatibility issues of the preview page.
  • Fix: The background color value of your Sketch files is not displayed after being uploaded.
  • Fix: Your comment is still displayed even when you've switched to a different document.
  • Fix: When commenting on a document, the @mention list still exists while scrolling the document screen.
  • Fix: The camera of our iPhone 13 frame is incorrectly placed.
  • Fix: When you've replaced images in the single page mode, other tabs may not be automatically updated.
  • Fix: After importing your design files at the web @2x scale, the size of your artboards and assets may be incorrectly displayed.
  • Fix: When editing a document, the document list in the upper left corner, which allows you to switch to other documents, may disappear.
  • Fix: You may encounter a 500 error problem when trying to download comment data.
  • Fix: The Table of Content in your document may automatically expand when you add some new content, even after you've folded it already.
  • Fix: You are not taken to any design mode when jumping into the single page mode.
  • Fix: The title format may be lost when you copy some content into a document.
  • Fix: Fixed the incorrect asset size issue when trying to download all assets.
  • Fix: You may not be able to customize the width on a small screen.
Figma plugin
  • Improved the interface design of the plugin.
  • Fix: Some layers may not be recognized after being uploaded.
Photoshop plugin
  • Fix: Images of your uploaded designs may be scaled down.
  • Fix: You may fail to upload your designs and get different error messages.
New in Apr
Released:  Apr 22, 2022
What's new
With this release, Mockplus RP stands alone, your RP prototypes in Mockplus Cloud are transferred to the Prototype mode so your team can still view specs, leave comments and hand off all deliverables as before.
When adding comments to design pages, you can now add labels to filter, organize and manage them all effectively.
Feature updates
  • Support downloading comments for easy sharing and backup.
  • Support labeling comments to better filter, organize and manage them.
  • Added the "Overlay" and "Dismiss Overlay" actions to help you create and close a popup for the imported third-party design files.
  • Support a new shortcut to expand or collapse all page nodes in the single page mode or Storyboard mode at once.
  • Support more mobile frames to help you better preview and test the visual effect.
  • Improved @mentions in comments to search someone by their name initials.
  • Improved the interactions of Axure files when being previewed on mobile devices. You can just long press the screen to show the page menus.
  • Improved the display strategy of the new page group created in the plugin. The newly created ones will be listed on the top after being uploaded.
  • The max character limit of the page group's name has been changed to 40 characters.
  • Improved the display of long comments.
  • Improved the info editing of project members. You can now rename a project member, and change the role and department in one place.
  • Improved the way to filter projects. When filtering projects by creators, you can even select multiple creators to go on.
  • Your RP prototypes are transferred to the Prototype mode, so you can still add comments, view specs and share all deliverables as before.
  • Fix: The Edit button may not work when you insert a table into your PRD.
  • Fix: You may not be redirected to the related RP page when you've referred it to your PRD.
  • Fix: The number of project members may not be shown correctly.
  • Fix: You may not successfully rename assets.
  • Fix: You cannot select lines from uploaded design files.
  • Fix: The "Customize size" option is automatically selected when downloading assets in Development mode.
  • Fix: You may not find Comment mode when you enter the single page mode in some cases.
  • Fix: The auto-selected page on the Project Tree may be different from the one which you've selected on the right canvas.
  • Fix: Your preview link may not work when trying to open it in the Lark app.
  • Fix: Your uploaded designs may not be focused when trying to view them by clicking "View the project" in the plugin.
Adobe XD plugin
  • Improved the uploading strategy of lines.
Figma plugin
  • Support uploading high quality design files.
  • Fix: Fixed file upload failed issue.
New in Feb
Released:  Feb 18, 2022
What's new
This update, you get three quality options when trying compress assets. Many existing features are improved and other bugs are fixed.
  • Support for a new prompt to remind users to use the Chrome browser for the best experience.
  • Support for a new prompt to remind users when they reset a share or preview link.
  • Improved the Overlay interaction. You can now adjust the position of the overlayed popup and preview it in advance.
  • Improved the layer selection, allowing you to quickly select a layer from overlapped layers, even when the layer is covered by region or other manual specs in Dev mode.
  • Improved the asset compression. Three quality options are supported right now.
  • Improved the page deletion on the Project Tree. When deleting a page, Mockplus will auto select the next page for you.
  • Improved the Axure file previewing. You can now use the arrow keys to control the page scroll.
  • Improved the team activity recording. A new log will be added when you clone a design system project.
  • Improved project management. When assigning joined projects for your team members, you cannot deselect the project in which that team member has been set as the Super Admin.
  • Improved the empty status of the project homepage.
  • Improved the border display.
  • Improved the asset downloading. Your asset will not be packaged when downloading only one single asset image.
  • Fix: The project homepage may load slowly.
  • Fix: The percentage line-height of Figma files may not be correctly recognized.
  • Fix: The frame group of Figma files may not be correctly displayed.
  • Fix: Pages and page folders are copied and pasted without your note information.
  • Fix: The project cover may revert to the default version even when being changed.
  • Fix: The screen focus may change when you zoom in or out using shortcuts under the Storyboard mode.
  • Fix: The decimal place setting does not work after refreshing the page.
  • Fix: Dragging pages from one position to another does not work in the single page view.
  • Fix other problems.
Photoshop plugin
  • Improved border recognization.
  • Fix: Fixed the blurred smart object issue.
  • Fix: The dashed borders may not be recognized.
Adobe XD plugin
  • Fix: Artboards are not completely shown in some cases.
New in Jan
Released:  Jan 6, 2022
What's new
We now introduce a new feature to help you notify team members when you've uploaded or updated your design pages. A new project category is added to manage all projects created by you.
Adobe XD plugin
  • Support notifying your team members when you've uploaded or updated designs.
  • Improved the interaction recognization of your Adobe XD files.
  • Improved the reminder to guide users when their team has reached the max project limit.
Photoshop plugin
  • Support notifying your team members when you've uploaded or updated designs.
  • Improved the reminder to guide users when their team has reached the max project limit.
  • Fix: Your image may be shrunk after uploading.
Figma plugin
  • Support notifying your team members when you've uploaded or updated designs.
  • Improved the asset uploading strategy, effectively reducing the asset thumbnail generation issues.
  • When a component is set as exportable in Figma, our plugin auto generates assets for all its instances.
  • Improved the loading speed of your design pages. It takes less time to upload design images.
  • Improved the Project Tree. You can now nest the chile pages again.
  • Fix: You may fail to upload a certain type of SVG images.
  • Fix: Your hidden RP pages are still visible to non-project members when being shared.
Design & Interaction
  • Support creating an RP project in landscape orientation.
  • Added more animation effects for the Overlay action.
  • Support for a new guide to help users zoom or move the canvas with shortcuts in the single page view.
  • Speeded the page loading in the single page view.
  • Changed the default decimal places of design specs to two.
  • Improved asset display. Your assets now load much faster.
  • Improved the feature of finding the same color on the current page in the single page view.
  • Improved color matching of number labels when choosing the Number pin style.
  • Improved shortcuts of showing percentage specs. "Alt + Tab" shortcuts no longer affect percentage specs.
  • Fix: The dash lines are not correctly displayed after being imported into Mockplus.
  • Fix: Mockplus may not remember the position of the scrolling bar when switching between the Prototype and Presentation modes.
  • Fix: The percentage specs are not shown when you first select a layer with the shortcut "Alt".
  • Fix: The redlines are not completely shown when viewing percentage specs.
  • Fix: Pin comments are covered by the left Project Tree panel when trying to locate the pin comments through the right-hand comment panel.
  • Fix: The tooltip of the layer with a long name is not shown.
  • Fix: The shortcuts to zoom in or out may not work in the single page view.
  • Fix: The selected prototype may flicker when trying to re-sort it up and download with drag-and-drop.
Activities and notifications
  • Support showing the activities of design system projects.
  • Fix: When someone replies to your comment and also @mention you in that comment, you now get notified once only.
  • Improved the comment panel. When clicking a comment with a long message, Mockplus auto shows the entire message for you.
  • Improved PRD switching. Mockplus now remembers the scroll bar position when you switch between different RPDs.
  • Fix: The popup window doesn't auto fit to the screen when trying to insert a design page.
  • Fix: The restored document may not be taken back to its original position on the Document Tree.
  • Fix: The Back button of your browser may not respond when you back to the Document mode from other modes.
  • Fix: When trying to export or print your doc, the inserted RP design page may not be shown completely.
  • Support hiding the floating toolbar when sharing a project through the preview link.
Task management
  • Improved task sorting. Your tasks are now sorted based on the order of your preset task status.
  • Fix: When you cancel a search only because no matching results are found, your task page may change to the empty status and then show all your existing tasks.
  • Support uploading multiple Zip packages at once with drag-and-drop.
  • Fix: The uploading reminder appears when trying to rename a resource and unconsciously dragging the mouse.
Project management
  • Added a new project category to filter and manage all projects created by you.
  • Improved project folder deletion. You can now delete an empty project folder nested with other ones.
  • Fix: The top toolbar may not auto fit to the screen when you zoom in or out of the design page.
Team management
  • Support adding a reason when the Admin has rejected a request to join a team.
  • Improved team and project access permission requests.