Design wireframes and prototypes in minutes

Create app and web designs from UX flowcharts and low-fi wireframes to hi-fi prototypes in minutes, with +3000 prebuilt templates, icons, and components. Bring your UX ideas to life visually whenever inspiration strike. No UX design skill is required.

Mirror real UX interactions and animations

Add lifelike interactions, transitions, animations and gestures to mirror the real functionalities, experiences and aesthetic look of your final UX design. Create foldable menus, clickable popups, testable user journeys and more without any codes.

Create UX flows and sitemaps with drag and drop

You can easily map out user flows and visual sitemaps of any level of complexity by using built-in shapes, symbols, and other flowchart elements. This helps you make decisions faster by showing the steps of user onboarding, payment, refund, and other UX flows.

Test all your UX ideas early on

Test your UX designs directly on real tablets, smartphones and computers via a single link, so you can quickly identify and fix some usability problems early on to create a web and app that people truly love.

Remote, real-time collaboration

A platform for remote or native UX teams to co-create in just one virtual center

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