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Mockplus Classic
Mockplus Cloud

The artboard contains: canvas zoom, demo mode, canvas navigation, and moving pages.

Three Minutes to Learn Mockplus Cloud

Mockplus are faster and simpler product collaboration design platforms.

Team Management

Team management includes: creating new teams, team management, and team member management.


The State Page is a page that contains multiple switchable copies that represent different states of that page.

Project Management

Project management includes: creating new rojects, project management, more settings, and project sequencing.


Mockplus Cloud recently introduced a new feature - Page Comparison - which allows users to quickly compare ......

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Prototyping Easier with Mockplus Classic

10 Minutes to Get Started

10 Minutes to Start Your Team Management and Collaboration

Sync and Share My Library

How to Make Interactions in Mockplus Classic

Test Your Prototype in 8 Ways

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How do I sign up to Mockplus?

i) Visit https://www.mockplus.com/user/register in your browser to sign up.

ii) For Mockplus Classic, you can also install Mockplus desktop app and sign up through that.

Do I need to pay the extra fee whenever Mockplus comes out with a new updated version?

After the initial purchase, there are no further fees for any new version or update of Mockplus.
The same applies if you are using the Free version: no charges or fees for new versions or updates.

Can I install and use Mockplus Classic on multiple computers?

Every named user can legally install and use Mockplus Classic on more than one computer: desktop, laptop, home computer etc.

Can multiple users use one account at the same time?

No. Each account can only be used by a single user.

How do I cancel the auto-renewal of my subscription to Mockplus?

Plan A: Follow this guide to cancel the subscription yourself;
Plan B: Send us your order or invoice number along with your Mockplus account details to support@mockplusapp.com and we’ll sort it out.

Terms of Sale
How can I change the email address that I use to log in to Mockplus?
How do I transfer my Mockplus account to a workmate if I leave my company?

Please email support@mockplusapp.com with your order/invoice number and give us your original email and the new one you want to use so that we can make the change. When you get in touch, please confirm whether you need to keep your original account.

If you do, please download your projects from the cloud (for Paid users) in advance, before sending us your information. We will do the transfer for you manually. After the transfer, the original account will be downgraded. Meanwhile, the new account will be upgraded so that you get all the premiere features.

If not, please send us your information directly and we will do the transfer for you. Please note that your original payment information, and projects will all be transferred to the new account. Once that’s done, the original account will be deleted.

What are the system requirements for Mockplus Windows & Mac versions?

The system requirements are: Windows 7/Mac OS X 10.9 or above. If your current operating system is Windows XP, please upgrade it to Windows 7 or above if you want to run Mockplus.

What should I do if I get a warning that Mockplus is risky?

i) You can simply ignore the alert and add “Mockplus” to your “trusted” or “whitelist.”

ii) In addition, if you notice any unexpected activities, such as Color Chooser closing unexpectedly, or “blocked pop-up” alerts, please disable the pop-up blocker in your anti-virus software to solve the problem. Those “pop-ups” are actually Mockplus’s regular function panels.

iii) Mockplus DOES NOT violate your personal rights in any way, it DOES NOT put your computer at any risk of harm.

What should I do if the interface starts blinking?

If you get a blinking interface or you see black blocks on the interface while using Mockplus on your laptop, please upgrade your video card driver; this will usually solve the problem. If you have multiple video cards, please switch to Integrated Graphics.

What if I can’t open Mockplus because the computer says it comes from an unidentified developer?

When installing Mockplus on Mac, you might see the warning, "Could not open Mockplus because it comes from an unidentified developer". If so, just hold down the Control key, click the program's icon, and then choose Open to sort out this installation issue.

What if Mockplus fails to open the demo package on Mac OS X?

Mac OS X has a default that blocks applications that don't come from a verified source or from the Mac App Store. As Mockplus does not come from the Mac App Store, the Mockplus demo package cannot be opened on OS X. To fix this issue, just follow these simple steps:

i). Open the Security & Privacy control panel: Apple menu > System Preferences… > Security & Privacy.

ii). Click the “Lock” icon that says, “Click the lock to make changes”.

iii). In the section, “Allow applications downloaded from … “, select “Anywhere”. A warning message will appear. Click the button, “Allow from Anywhere” to confirm the new configuration.

iv). Finally, click the Lock icon at the bottom left of the window to save the changes.

What should I do if I can’t open Mockplus after updating to macOS 10.15 Catalina?

i). Please download and install the latest version of Mockplus.

ii). If the issue remains, go to our help center for more possible solutions.

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