Smart minds, with smart Mockplus!

  • Mockplus for Windows
    Mockplus for Windows

    For Windows Vista/7/8/10


  • Mockplus for Mac
    Mockplus for MAC

    For OSX 10.9+


  • Mockplus for Android
    Mockplus for Android

    For Android 4.0+


  • Mockplus for iOS

    For iOS 7.0+


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  • 1How to sign up in Mockplus?

    There are two ways to sign up in Mockplus:

    1) Install Mockplus desktop app and open it for signing up.
    2) Click the link: in your browser to sign up.
  • 2 Do I need to pay the extra fee whenever Mockplus comes out with a new updated version?
    After the purchase, you do not need to pay an extra fee for any new version or update of Mockplus.
    If you're a user of Free version, you also don't need to pay any fee for the new versions or updates.
  • 3Can I install and use Mockplus on multiple computers?
    Every named user, with both a desktop and a secondary laptop/home computer, can legally install and use Mockplus on both computers.
  • 4Can multiple users use one account at the same time?
    No. One account can only be used by one user.
  • 5How to cancel auto-renewal of my subscription in Mockplus?
    You can turn off the automatic renewal by following this guide.
  • 6Terms of Sale
    Please check out the details of Mockplus Terms of Sale here.

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