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Blog > UX design guest post > Top 10 App UX Design Techniques for Newbie Designers

Top 10 App UX Design Techniques for Newbie Designers


So you have about commenced your journey as a creative newbie UX designer? Welcome to the world of mobile app designer that offers enormous opportunities to exhibit your potential and caliber, where there is no sky limit to give vent to your power of imagination.

According to statista, there are about 2.8 million Android apps and 2.2 million iOS apps in the current scenario and these indicated figures will certainly go higher as the time progresses.

Therefore, on one hand, the need for efficient app developers will soar, whereas on the other hand, one will witness a surge in the demand of proficient UX designers, who are fresh from the school and getting recruited in large numbers.

It is nearly impossible to develop a mobile application without considering the UX designs. Most of the app development companies have a team or group of UX designers where the team leader supervises the entire designing of the app concerning the project. The combined team effort can only lead to designing the successful app.

But the question is what are the important trade tricks and techniques that a fresher designer has to learn when he is beginning his career as a UX designer. So, let’s proceed with the journey from a beginner to an experienced UX designer.

1. Conducting a Deep UX Research

The research is one of the essential aspects that you have to undertake before commencing any of your project. Speaking straightforwardly, this is a task that needs to be completed even before you are planning to frame a strategy or say a storyboard for the said design.

The research and the meticulous study will help you to read the mind of the targeted audience. The decision making also becomes easier.

Conducting a Deep UX Research

However, it needs to be noted that user research and usability testing is both different as usability testing is more related to extracting reactions. So, don’t mix them.

2. The technique of Writing

Writing is the pivotal elements that help in creating an attention grabbing UX design. Therefore, the new designers should not only focus on learning the codes but should also have knowledge on UX writing too.

The stylishly written words do attract a lot of users when they open the app and are navigating through it. One can cite the instance of Dropbox or Apple, which has never remained unnoticed.

Using small sized content is always considered better. Offering the bite-sized content to the end users will give them the advantage of increasing its size.

3. Doing More Responsive Design

You know that today’s scenario is such that most of the app development firms are looking to hire newbie UX designers who are more versatile and prone to responsive designing.

By versatility one indicates at the fact UX designer know to creative the art of responsive designs for all the devices, i.e. the iOS and the Android. You have to also develop the skills of building modular designs that will further assist in sketching and prototyping.

 Doing More Responsive Design

Do not just remain confined to wireframing and the art of Photoshop. If you want to establish your foot as a well-known designer, then please get hold of this designing methodology.

4. Knowledge of Agile is Important

Agile can be defined as one of the advanced techniques that has brought in major changes as far as the UX designs are concerned. With the knowledge of agile, the UX designer will undertake a more sophisticated approaching while designing in comparison to the conventional methods.

Agile may be regarded a good friend for the designers that helps them to tackle the difficulties and challenges of the project. But then they have work with more responsibility working with Agile also as a facilitator and conductor.

5. The Art of UI Prototyping and Wireframing

As an UX designer you are also expected to have comprehensive knowledge of UI prototyping and wireframing. This vital tool will surely be useful in making the designers familiar with the functionality of the design.

A prototype also helps in establishing better communication and interaction. The one which is on the paper is simple prototype, while the one that contains codes is more elaborated.

The Art of UI Prototyping and Wireframing

Now if throw some light on the concept of wireframing then it is equally important procedure as building responsive designs. With this important tool you can create the information series in a hierarchical system and develop an app that is more meaningful and can be used on any of the devices. It helps the designers to remain more focused.

6. The Trick of Satisfying Users

If you ask any app developer or UX designer, their purpose of designing or developing the app, their reply would simply be to satisfy the end user. But this particular task is not that easy because customers don’t get pleased that simple.

Yes, making them happier is also one technique and if you have just started in this field, then learn it without further delay.

But then the prime question is how the users would be delighted with your efforts. Now you have to remember that the user will only be happier if their problem is sorted out and they get the desired outcome towards the end.

Therefore, it is important to identify their problems and the need before fulfilling their expectations.

7. The Coding Procedure

Similar to UX writing, UX coding also holds as essential position for the UX designers. There are a number of reasons why the designer needs to know proper UX coding. Coding helps to improve the communication between the product and its user. It makes your designer clearer, more effective and also offers the smoothness.

A designer at his realm can get more design ideas and he can work out on those to come out something unique and extraordinary. In short he can display his creative genius and also solve the problems of the users.

8. Concentrate on Providing User-Centric Exclusive Designs

The new UX designers entering into this arena have to counter a tough competition and in order to succeed well, the concentration on providing a more user-centric design becomes indecisive.

They will only be able to offer the optimum UCD if they are up-to-date with the latest techniques. It means that the designs that you are creating must come useful and worthy for the user and should not give way to way design ideas.

The designs need to be strictly original and unique. Of course, there is no harm in borrowing the ideas from someone, but you cannot go on copying the entire design without using your brain. It will have a worse impact on your app and you may even lose your job too.

9. Testing the UX Design

Once you completed with the UX design, it is imperative to perform test your design. This can also be regarded as the analytics. Thus, the UX designer needs to be acquainted with mathematics such as the ratio and the percentage so as to test the design. So, apply the analytical skills and techniques to better design the UX of the app.

10. The Optimization of Tasks

One of the important process that a beginner UX designer should not forget to implement in his skills is optimizing tasks. For this they should shun away from automating frustrations while the optimization is going on.

The UX designer is expected to be more dedicated and productive even when he is carrying out a simple task and implement design methods that are not confusing.


The UX design is one of the indispensable aspects of the application development and anyone who has just began his venture needs to first know what the important techniques or skills are.

It is not that you can grip the skills in one day; you will only learn it through your experience as you work on more and more projects. The implementation of these methods is also very crucial that will have an influence on the end product.

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