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20 Best Freelance Websites for UI/UX Designers to Find Work

Jun 21, 2024 10189

Freelancing as a UI/UX designer offers a promising career option for skilled individuals. As a freelance designer, you gain the freedom to engage with clients spanning various industries, cherry-pick projects that resonate with your passions, and dictate your own timetable, fostering an improved balance between work and personal life. . In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of this career choice, and also list 20 best freelance websites for UI/UX designers to find work with ease. Let's get started.

What's the pros and cons of being a freelance UI/UX designer?

Venturing into freelancing as a UI/UX designer opens up a world of possibilities, but it's not without its ups and downs. Here are some pros and cons of freelancing as a UI/UX design for you to get a clearer picture of what to expect in this dynamic career path.


  • Freedom: Freelancers enjoy the flexibility to create their own schedules and select projects according to their preferences. Besides, Freelancers enjoy the freedom to operate from any corner of the globe, unrestricted by geographical constraints. With just an internet connection, they can seamlessly carry out their tasks, opening avenues for travel or relocation without disrupting their workflow.

  • Skill Development: They have the opportunity to engage with a wide array of projects from various clients that require different skills, ensuring continuous stimulation and growth. This variety not only sustains engagement but also facilitates the expansion of designers' skill sets as they navigate through diverse project requirements and objectives.

  • Independence: Freelancers maintain autonomy over their work processes and decisions, unrestricted by company protocols. This flexibility allows for a better work-life balance.

  • Higher Earning Potential: Successful freelancers often have the potential to earn higher incomes compared to traditional employees.


  • Irregular Income: Freelancers may face irregular earnings due to fluctuating project demands and payment schedules.

  • Challenging for Self-Motivation: Maintaining focus and productivity without the structure of a traditional workplace can pose a challenge.

  • Administrative Responsibilities: Freelancers must handle administrative tasks like invoicing, tax filings, and client communications independently.

  • Social Isolation: Working solo may lead to feelings of loneliness and a lack of social interaction.

20 Best Freelance Websites to Find Work for UI/UX Designers


As we all know, Drribble is a global design community for designers and creative professionals, and an inspiration destination for tens of millions of people. It also stands out as a premier freelance platform, hosting renowned design job boards that cater to freelance graphic designers across various specialties. Whether you specialize in graphic design, logo design, or product design, creating a comprehensive profile on Dribbble opens doors to relevant projects.


Behance, created by Adobe, serves as a platform for creatives to showcase their work and explore a multitude of job opportunities, ranging from freelance gigs to full-time positions, including illustrations, web design, app development, graphic design, and beyond. Completing your Behance profile with exceptional project samples exposes your work to a community of like-minded creatives and catches the eye of potential clients.


Fiverr, a platform once known for offering freelance services for just five dollars, has evolved into a more sophisticated platform. Freelancers now have the flexibility to set their starting price, package options, and other specifications. Some may offer lower rates for smaller projects to attract new clients. Fiver can be an excellent starting point for launching a freelance career, offering opportunities to work on projects at varying rates. Moreover, with integrated payment solutions, Fiverr streamlines the invoicing process for freelancers, eliminating concerns about payment collection.


Upwork stands out as one of the top choices for freelancers across various fields, from web development and graphic design to customer support and freelance writing. The platform boasts a continuous stream of job postings, catering to freelancers of all expertise levels. Mastering Upwork may initially pose challenges. It uses a system of bids, reviews, and contracts to facilitate the hiring process. Freelancers have to post compelling proposals to show your skills and bid for the project according to your pay rate. Despite the fierce competition for projects, many freelancers find ample opportunities on Upwork, with the potential for lucrative returns once they establish their presence on the platform.


Freelancer, an Australian-founded freelance marketplace, connects employers with freelancers worldwide. It offers a user-friendly interface where freelancers can create profiles showcasing their portfolios and browse available projects on the job board. Moreover, freelancers have the flexibility to propose fixed prices or hourly rates for their services, catering to various project needs.


Toptal is a freelancer platform made up of the world's best freelance developers, designers, financial professionals, product managers, etc. It's one of the top choices for both entry-level and experienced UX designers seeking high-paying and consistent freelance opportunities. TopTal pairs freelancers with clients and projects tailored to their respective preferences outlined in their profiles. It also categorizes job postings into hourly, part-time, or full-time positions, offering flexibility in working arrangements. Payments are made regularly, typically on a monthly basis, and processed securely through direct deposit via Toptal.


PeoplePerHour is a UK-based freelance platform. It stands out by positioning itself as a platform that pairs top clients with the best freelance talent, utilizing AI to ensure optimal project matches. Freelancers can submiit their proposal and set their prices, meanwhile clients can choose from a range of proposals, streamlining the selection process. With an integrated payment system, PeoplePerHour minimizes payment disputes, enhancing the user experience for both parties.


Twine is a versatile freelance platform offering a place for employers to post job requirements and freelancers to apply. It bridges the gap between businesses and skilled professionals across various industries. Twine uses AI to enhance and accelerate the process of job matching. Moreover, it doesn't charge freelancers any commission, allowing them to retain their full earnings. This transparent approach enhances the appeal of Twine as a freelancer-friendly platform, fostering trust and reliability among users.


LinkedIn is renowned as a premier platform for professional networking and career development. Freelancers, including UI/UX designers, utilize its features to showcase their expertise, connect with potential clients, and explore job opportunities. With a robust profile, freelancers can attract inquiries from recruiters and hiring managers seeking their skills and experience. To maximize its potential, freelancers should regularly engage with their network, participate in relevant discussions, and keep their profile updated with their latest projects and achievements. By staying active on LinkedIn and leveraging its features, freelancers can establish a strong online presence and attract clients for long-term collaborations.

10.Working Not Working

This is a freelance platform catering to professionals in fields like advertising, design, and technology sectors. Working Not Working provides freelancers with a platform to showcase their talents and secure exciting projects. While the majority of users on Working Not Working are based in the US, the platform attracts creatives from around the world seeking top-notch job opportunities for renowned global companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Nike, and Samsung.


Designhill is a platform that provides freelance designers with ample job opportunities. Beyond offering a wide range of design opportunities, the site also provides valuable resources to help freelancers manage their business effectively. Freelancers can utilize Designhill's resources to establish their own online stores, reaching clients globally. Additionally, the platform offers management tools for measuring profits, creating business cards, and developing digital marketing materials. Besides, it has no service fees for freelancers.


99 Designs is a graphic design platform that offers over 90 design services to freelancers. From logo and business card design to web development and mobile app design, freelancers can find a wide range of design jobs on this platform. It has a quite smooth process for both clients and freelancers. Clinets simply need to submit a project description outlining their requirements. When freelance designers are looking for jobs, they can choose their desired category, industry, level as well as language to quickly find job opportunities align with their needs. Freelance designers then submit their proposals, allowing clients to choose the best fit for their needs.


DesignCrowd is a platform tailored for designers. DesignCrowd's primary focus lies in design contests, where clients initiate competitions and freelance designers submit their work based on the client's specifications. The client then selects their favorite submission, and the winning designer receives the contest reward. Designcrowd offers a place to showcase the talents of freelance digital artists. Through the platform's freelance marketplace, clients can browse through the portfolios of thousands of creatives to hire the best artists for individual projects.

14.We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely stands out as a premier marketplace for remote job seekers, catering primarily to those in search of full-time or part-time remote positions while also offering opportunities for freelancers. It offers job opportunies for design, programming, and management, featuring positions from reputable companies such as Google and Amazon. Unlike many other job sites, freelancers are not required to create profiles to apply for jobs on We Work Remotely. Moreover, this site offers a filtering system that screens out substandard job opportunities by charging businesses a significant posting fee. Consequently, freelancers are more likely to access to high-quality job postings.


Guru is a global freelancing platform for freelancers in diverse fields such as programming, graphic design, and project management. It has over 800,000 employers wordwide. The platform streamlines the process for freelancers to showcase their expertise, browse job listings, and submit proposals to potential clients. It employs a matching system to suggest job opportunities tailored to freelancers' work experience, skills, and preferences.


Wellfound, previously known as, offers exclusive access to a vast array of job opportunities that are not readily available elsewhere. With over 130,000 remote and local jobs listed, from top companies to fast-growing startups, freelancers can efficiently search for projects that align with their interests and skills.


Founded in 2016, Flexiple built a network of developers and designers with backgrounds in top-tier tech firms like Amazon, Microsoft, and Adobe. This platform connects leading startups and companies with premium tech talent. With its advanced job-matching recommendation system, freelances can easily find high-quality startups instead of wasting time in job search.


DesignBro is an online graphic design platform that only accepts the best designers. It reviews every graphic design portfolio, and accepts only the best 5% of all creative designers that apply. Freelancers on DesignBro have the opportunity to bid for projects and showcase their work across various categories. However, each project is limited to a maximum of ten designer applications, ensuring quality and exclusivity in the proposals submitted.

19.Simply Hired

SimplyHired is a freelance platform that provides comprehensive resources for freelancers, including resume and cover letter writing guides, along with a free resume builder to aid in job application efforts. SimplyHired allows companies to post job listings at no cost, resulting in a wide array of job opportunities for freelancers. Whether you're a graphic designer or seeking other freelance work, SimplyHired offers a plethora of job options to explore. With a simple resume upload, freelancers can quickly create their profiles and start browsing available opportunities, making it an accessible and user-friendly platform for freelancers of all backgrounds.


This is a design contest platform founded in 2008. CrowdSpring brings something special to the table that traditional agencies and freelance platforms don't: a whole world of creativity in one place. Over 220000 creative freelance professionals from 195 countries are working on CrowdSpring, especially in fields like logo design, business card design, web design, graphics, packaging design, product design, email templates, and many other design works. Clients set their price, lay out their vision and post up a design contest, then freelancers from all over the world can submit their work. Eventually, the client will award the prize money to the freelancer who has the best idea or design.


1.How do I price my services as a freelance UI/UX designer?

Pricing your services as a freelance UI/UX designer depends on factors such as your level of experience, the complexity of the project, and industry standards.

  • Your level of experience: More experienced designers with a proven sucessefuly projects and a robust portfolio often command higher rates than those who are just starting out.

  • The complexity of the project: Projects that require extensive research, user testing, and iterative design processes typically warrant higher rates due to the increased time and effort involved.

  • Industry standards: Understanding what other designers are charging can help you set competitive prices while ensuring that your rates align with the value you provide to clients.

2.Do I need credentials to become a freelance UI/UX designer?

No necessarily. It's not your resume that speaks volumes—it's your design work. While a formal education and credentials in design or a related field can be beneficial, it's not always necessary to become a freelance UI/UX designer. A stunning portfolio showcases your creativity, skills, and unique perspective, serving as a testament to your abilities as a designer. So focus on honing your skills, building your portfolio, and letting your designs do the talking.


In summary, freelancing provides designers with a rewarding career path to express creativity, achieve independence, and foster continuous professional growth. If you're passionate about design and up for the challenge, freelancing offers an exciting opportunity to thrive. Hopefully, the 20 best freelance websites we listed in this article can help you get started and discover desirable opportunities as a freelance UI designer. 

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