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Blog > Product design > Logo Design Process in 7 Steps

Logo Design Process in 7 Steps


How important is a well-designed logo for a company? If you ask it to a professional designer, he will tell you “It’s more important than you can imagine” and the logo design process is not simple, or you can find a trustful logo company to help you out. A good logo not only can build the image of a company but also improve a lot in the business progress. Though it seems like just a little tiny graphic sign seen anywhere. However, its’ psychological influence for clients is the focus which worth much attention of all the designers.

What makes those logos be famous? Some people will say because of its’ unique design, or due to the creative colors. And also there are people who think that’s because of the famous companies made their logos notable.

The influence between logos and companies is mutual. It’s true that some famous companies don’t show their logos in a very evident way and they are still strong in the business competition. Meanwhile, there are companies disappeared because of their logo designs. Firstly, let us have a look at some disappointed logo changes.

(Yeah, Pepsi coke can really blow you up.)

(Gap: We have changed to an 80’s computer company.)

(When did the Kraft Food Company begin to sell detergent?)

From these 3 examples, we can tell that the importance of logos for companies reflects in whether they can represent the image and position of their companies. These new logos are not bad, they just don’t fit these 3 companies. Moreover, to be a good logo, the uniqueness is the most crucial element.

If you want to design a logo which matches the features mentioned before, besides to read a lot of professional materials like books for graphic designers , what should you do in the logo creation process?

1. The adequate communication with clients

The communication with clients is the first and the indispensable stage. It decides your direction of logo design process and what result you will get. Asking your clients all the information you need for your design, that could help you to understand clearly what they need concretely. Logos are the graphical representatives of the culture, all the staffs and the value of companies, and the very first way to introduce companies to others. Therefore, designers must consider the feelings of clients and the people who will see the logo in the future instead of designing at their whim. Is the company serious or active? Is it loud or quiet? All this kind of questions designers should ask them in the first phase. Of course, there are some companies that want to change their public image, like heavy industry companies want to get rid of the high pollution image; for snack companies, the stereotype of being unhealthy, etc.

2. The product positioning

Not only your clients will see your design, but also their clients. Then the clients’ companies are also a crucial element for the logo design. A costume company for teenagers needs a more active design. A company of nutrition food for elder men emphasizes the concept of healthier life. Costume for OL will be sold in shops with high-fashion logos. All these points can change the impression to companies of their clients, so designers must take care of the investigation of clients.

Because of the different positioning and fields of companies, so the scenarios in which their logos will be used are not the same. Food companies have their logos printed on packs; logos of vehicles and airplanes are often seen in a long distance; brand logos of costume appear on care labels and in other more obvious ways, etc. The distance, whether they will be on screen or paper, indoor or outdoor… All these usage scenarios also remind designers the style of logos: simple or complicated, with bright colors or not.

4. Sketching

After designers have done the information research, they can start sketches. But please keep it in mind that it is necessary to design in a complete logo design development process. The truly good logo comes out among abundant normal and bad ones, and the only way to make it stand out is putting it with others. Therefore, a great number of designs will help you keep refining your design and gaining more aspiration.

5. Draft

Now we are in the second phase of drawing in the logo creation process. It’s time to choose some designs that designers like best from all they’ve made, with professional software will be better to refine details. However, the “refine” here doesn’t mean drawing all the details and try all the color combinations, but selecting the best one which comes with a better result. After this phase, you can show your clients what you made as a designer. If they are not satisfied with your idea maybe you need to go back to do it again, so details don’t matter.

6. Improvements

When you finally got the one your clients like most, you are ready to begin the settle down details. It’s a hard phase but necessary for every logo design process. Because you must adjust the related position of all the elements in your logo, and the grain effect and how the form is entirely also need optimization. You also need to creative several examples with the same draft, then you will get the better one.

At last, you will take the responsibility of designing the use of logo in other scenes, like how will it look like when to be printed on gifts for clients or on visiting cards. After these series of works, it can be called the end of a logo design development process.

These 7 steps for logo design process are not only for logo designers who want to design the perfect logo, many design jobs even other kinds of jobs also require the attention of designers in these points. Be careful from your first job and you can accumulate experience for the future, at the same time you are elevating your design standard. At last, these “must-pay-attention” points will be a part of how you work naturally.

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