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Blog > Mobile design > What And How Is Material Design For Android Developers?

What And How Is Material Design For Android Developers?


First of all, what is the material design? It is a design language that Google focusd on the I/O Developer Conference in 2014, rather than a system interface design style. It includes the system interface style, interaction and UI, etc. Then, let’s take a look at what are characteristics ofmaterial design Andriod?

In terms of basic elements, it draws on the experience of traditional print design, font layout, grid system, space, proportion, color and image. On that basis, it can build a visual level and focus. The material design for andriod includes the hand-picked colors, images, the properly-proportional fonts, which all contribute to a clear and vivid user interface.

The principle to choose colors is bold, graphical and meaningful. It applies 500 hues in color in the larger part of the area, while using dark color in the smaller part of the area like the status bar. Such a delicate color combination makes the application full of color and bold.

Material Design pays much attention to the interface layout. As we all know, a good layout will make the interface look very fresh and there will be no messy feeling.

It adotps responsive interaction in the interactive design. The advantage of responsive interaction design is that it can deliver a more stronger and specific interaction to users when they request simple information by using the APP.

As the saying goes: One eyewitness is better than ten hearsays. Then, let's look at the unique interactive design of material design for andriod by the following simple dynamic pictures.



The above two figures show the surface response in the responsive interaction. The system will immediately draw a visualized picture on the interactive contact to get the user known when they click on the screen. For example, in the above figure, there will be a visual effect similar to the spread of ink appearing when the user clicks on the screen.


It reveals the click floating interaction in the response interaction as shown above. It’s shown that the card and detachable elements will be floating when they are activated.

Do you want to start designing by yourself after enjoying these delicate material designs? In a Chinese ancient saying: if you want to do things well, first make everything ready for you. Now, I will share you some free android material design icons to improve the design efficiency before you get started.

Free Material Design Andriod Icons


The first on our list is the material design system icons by Google on GitHub. There are around 900 UI icons that are commonly used in app interfaces including icons for communication, media, and connection. You can download it for a majority of devices.

google-free -icons


Mockplus comes with more than 3,000 icons and nearly 200 components. It can be used formaking and previewing designs on desktop, mobile phone as well as tablet.


3.Android L Icon Pack

Android L Icon Pack has over 1100 free icons. These cover material design icons for sports, business, e-commerce and so on.


4.Free Material Design Icon Set (Behance)

This free icon set by WEBHOSTFACE includes a wealth of material icons for weather conditions, location, and media.


The material design has epoch-making significance for Andriod. I believe that the future of android will be the world of material design.

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