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20 Fresh Inspirational Mobile UI Design Examples/Templates on Dribbble

Mar 6, 2019 3606316

UI design is an essential part of an application. An excellent mobile UI design should have good functions from the user's point of view and be easy to use.

The Mockplus team is committed to sharing awesome designs and inspiring mobile UI design work with designers. So, we have put together a list of 20 of the latest and most impressive mobile UI design examples and templates from Dribbble in 2022. We hope these will awaken the creative spark lying in wait within you.

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1. Jack AI Employment Agent

Designer:Maciej Dyjak

Jack AI Employment Agent is a very cute mobile UI design shot by Maciej Dyjak. Jack is an AI-based app allowing clients to search through best possible job opportunities easily. After a short interview with a chatbot, the app will process search results based on various factors, e.g. relocation or perks, and then facilitate contact with recruiters.

2. Zava Studio Concept

Designer: Kyle McDowell

Zava Studio Concept is a creative concept designed by Kyle. It has a very clean layout, with bright and bold colors that make the design glow with warmth and vitality.

3. Event Discover App

Designer: SimantOo

Event Discover App is a very simple and clean mobile UI design. The app displays several parts, including organizer profile screens, detailed information about events, and events discovery.

4. Luxury AR Watch App Concept

Designer: Masudur Rahman

Luxury AR Watch App Concept is a creative concept designed by Masudur Rahman. Watch AR is like a one-stop digital toolbox that allows users to observe collectors manage and build their luxury wristwatch collections. Not only can you swipe through and purchase different products smoothly, but you can also check how each masterpiece would look directly in your home by using Augmented Reality view.

5. Your Feed in the Music App

Designer:Anton Tkachev

A feeds section is an essential part of any social network app because it is a constantly changing list of music or reviews (or other information) that mobile users can follow. In this Feed design, the songs can be presented one by one via scrolling.

What we like: Mobile app design interaction ideas using fabulous components.

6. Healthy food delivery app

Designer: Outcrowd

Healthy food delivery app is a vivid food delivery app concept that inspires users to reconsider their food habits.There are various categories that buyers can choose from. The food items are placed in sequence and can be viewed in vertical scroll smoothly. In addition, photos and illustrations of the products are high-quality so that users can clearly see what they are going to buy. There is a prominent call-to-action button, which users can click on to add products to their cart.

7. Workouts

Designer: Oleh Kopyl 

Workouts is a very neat workout app concept designed by Oleh Kopyl. He uses card screens to display detailed information about sports activities. There are several sports modes available on the main screen, and you can switch modes whenever you want.

8. App homescreen interface

Designer: Andrew McKay

App homescreen interface is a home screen with upcoming bookings. The splash page has a nice little Lottie animation. The typography and color combination exudes a sense of familiarity, making it super user-friendly.

9. Restaurant App Welcome Animation

Designer: Tubik

Restaurant App Welcome Animation is a welcome animation for restaurant app Delish. It supports the mobile app branding before the sign-up screen is shown, and it uses the trendy 3D graphics.

What we like: Using 3D elements to display the vivid dinner environment.

10. Workout Tracker

Designer: Rebecca Norén

Workout Tracker is a simple workout app concept, with a fresh and clean layout.

What we like: Clean, simple exercise log

11. Finance App Project

Designer: Dannniel

Finance App Project is a personal finance app concept shared by Dannniel. The login screen and home screen are included. The target audience is the millennial, so the design revolves around fun and gamification in order to increase their engagement with the app.

12. Travel App Concept-Ile Maurice

Designer: UixNinja

As we mentioned in our piece about mobile UI design trends 2018, a good number of context color combinations can result in a distinctive personal style. Travel App Concept-Ile Maurice follows that and have a very distinctive style. 

What we like: Appealing interface and elegant fonts

Designer: Anton Tkachev

Search Interaction App is all about the search function in a music app. It features 195+ screens, including 4 full apps. It also has beautiful transitions between interactions. Thanks, Anton, for sharing this inspirational mobile app UI design template.

What we like: Dynamic and smooth interactions

14. Social Media App Concept

Designer: Ksenia Volovyk

Social Media App Concept is a social media app for interior design lovers and architecture enthusiasts. This is a lovely design for people who are keen on interiors and designing.

What we like: Subtle colors, consistency of the user interface

15. Healthcare mobile app

Designer: Andy Selimov

Healthcare mobile app is a concept of the healthcare application, which helps doctors easily track and analyze patient data.

What we like: Clean interface, helpful and readable information

16. Online Polls iOs App

Designer: Kostia Varhatiuk

Online Polls iOs App is an online polls iOS app concept shared by designer Kostia, which allows you to create and manage your polls easily. In addition, you can collect user analytics and send your polls direct to your target audience via the app.

17. Property Rental Mobile Application

Designer: Luke Peake

Property Rental Mobile Application is a property rental app for apartments and houses in Europe. The simple interface allows you to browse and view properties (and their details) easily.

18. Wallet App Interaction

Designer: Ghani Pradita

Wallet App Interaction is designed by Ghani and features a smooth transition and is super easy for users to manage their income and expenses.

19. Schedule Gtd App

Designer: Lynne_Mou

Schedule Gtd App is a lightweight to-do and schedule management (GTD) APP. It can help you plan your work/schedule, set reminders for meetings, and take notes.

20. Finance Wireframe Kit

Designer: Priscilla Wong

Finance Wireframe Kit is designed by Priscilla Wong.

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This concludes our list of 20 fresh mobile UI design inspiration. If you enjoyed the mobile UI designs, don't hesitate to share it on your social networks. If you have a suggestion for the next edition of our mobile UI design collection, reach out to us via Twitteror Facebook.

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