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Review on New Features of Mockplus iDoc in January (1)

Mockplus Team 1306 Views

Mockplus iDoc has brought you a new experience of its 2019-01-01 version, welcoming the beginning of new year. Let's take a quick preview:

1. Set as external link

Now using iDoc for prototyping, you can not only set the interactions between the internal pages of the design, but also set up external links. This makes the product demonstration more effective and appropriate.

Set as external link

2. Cross-page interaction replication

Some users have reported that their prototypes usually have hundreds of pages and there are many interactions that need to be added. These interactions need to be added one by one, making them very frustrated. Repeatedly adding the same interaction areas is a bit less efficient. Now

Mockplus iDoc supports cross-page interaction copying. The same interaction can be directly copied, and the prototype can be completed at the speed of light!

Cross-page interaction replication

3. Multiple ways for Storyboard zooming

For storyboard zooming, Mockplus iDoc has added shortcut keys ctrl+1, ctrl+2, ctrl+3, which correspond to 100%, 200%, and 300% respectively. It is convenient for users to view details. Besides, after double-clicking the percentage value, you can customize the zoom ratio and view the storyboard as you like.

That's all about the new features of Mockplus iDoc this time. Let's open Mockplus iDoc and have a try!



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