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Top-Thirty Entries Came Out in Mockplus Prototype Design Competition

Nov 15, 2017

Mockplus Prototype Design Competition kicked off in early October. Until 15 Nov, there were a total number of 900 Chinese designers participated and 151 qualified designs emerged in the competition.

Since the voting stage started from 13 Nov till 15 Nov, 1645 people voted for all designs which reached to 11515 votes. At present, the top 30 finalists have come out!

Please check the top-thirty design entries at here: Showcase of Mockplus Prototype Design Competition

In the next stage, the expert review panel will evaluate all entry designs to select 10 outstanding works, and 1 best design work to win the awards.

The theme of this contest is creating a music player prototype. The first-prize winner will get an award including an iPhone 8 + Mockplus unlimited perpetual license (valued $699).

At last, let us wait and see, who will be the final winner of 2017 Mockplus Prototype Design Competition?

Check the design contest GIF on Dribbble.

Grace Jia

In-house writer, who loves UI/UX design and cooking food. She is a hard worker and full of energy.

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