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Review on New Features of Mockplus iDoc in December

Mockplus Team 2150 Views

In the blink of an eye, in the last month of 2018, are the friends all struggling to make the sprint at the end of the year? The hackers have not slowed down, constantly optimized, and brought one surprise after another. So let Xiao Xiao come to take a look at what features of the December hack iDoc update:

1. Stage page function is online

State page, which uploads multiple copies in one page, retaining different states.

I don't know if the friends are trying to copy the button state when they are making a small game prototype. I don't want to copy multiple artboards. For example, "start game", "pause", "restart". Existing tools all need to copy the artboard to express multiple states, which makes it a bit bigger.

Now, in the face of iDoc's new statechart feature, this problem is not a problem! No matter how many button states you want to express on the same artboard, the iDoc statechart can be quickly implemented, and you can switch between and switch.

Stage page function is online

The status map function supports uploading of PS and Sketch plug-ins. After clicking “Upload as status map”, you can select “Overwrite existing status” or “Add new status” according to your needs.

status map function supports uploading of PS plug-ins

How can I quickly distinguish when there are too many states and want to cover a certain state? Don't worry, nothing knows you better than iDoc. Double-click on the thumbnail of the existing state to view the full view of the state diagram. It is much easier to cover it.

state diagram

2. Custom assets' size

In collaborative work, the dimensions of the designer's assets do not necessarily all meet the standards set by the program. At this time, iDoc provides a very intimate function: custom cut size.

The programmer can customize the size of the cut, one-click download! And the values of different resolutions are automatically associated according to their magnification relationship, input once, 123 times the map is all done!

You can also choose the fill mode of the cut: center or stretch, very convenient.

3. Comment drawn in proportion

In the comment module, use the drawing tool to add annotations, hold down the Shift key to scale the scale. Lines can be set to horizontal, vertical, 45 degrees, etc., and the annotations can be so diverse, as if you are using PS.

4. Text comments

When using text annotations, you can choose the resolution status, font, alignment, font size, background color, transparency, font color of the annotation, and customize multiple styles. If you are a perfectionist who must be beautiful even with a lot of comments, then let's design it!

That's all about the new features in December. Let's open Mockplus iDocand try it out!



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