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Blog > Interaction design > The Interaction Design Foundation Knowledge Designers Must Grasp

The Interaction Design Foundation Knowledge Designers Must Grasp


What is interaction design and how to understand interaction design foundation? Interaction design is the design field of defining and designing the behavior of an artificial system, which defines the content and structure of the communication between two or more interacting individuals so that they can cooperate with each other to achieve a certain purpose. Generally speaking, the interaction refers to the process of interaction between machines.

Interactive design aims to create and build a meaningful relationship between people, products and services and to make the whole process available and easy to use through the understanding of human psychology, goals, and expectations, and the use of effective interaction method.

The goal of the design can be analyzed from two aspects: "usability" and "user experience", which focus on people-oriented demands


1.Main object of interaction design

The main object of interaction design is the human-computer interface; (UI), but it is not limited to the graphical interface (GUI). In order to achieve the goal, interaction designers not only need to pay attention to the user’s psychology but also ought to acquire new knowledge and techniques of culture, human engineering as well as visual design. An excellent product should be created based on the real demands of users.

2.The purpose of interactive design

From users’ perspective, interactive design is a technology that not only makes the product easy-to-use but also enables users to feel delightful. The purpose of interaction design is to create an organic relationship between the product and its users so as to achieve their expectations.

3.The three principles and elements of interaction design

The three principles:


The product usability is the basis and significant criterion of interactive design foundation. More importantly, it is a reference point to measure whether the product is effective, easy to learn, safe, efficient and qualified from the user point of view. Usability is the basic goal of interaction design. As long as the products satisfy the requirements of users, designers can enter into the next stage of interactive design.



Consistency plays an indispensable role in product design. Designers are supposed to consider the product design from different aspects or from the whole to the part. Interaction design contains consistency of interactive controls, icons, or words. Maintaining consistency in the design of the product is able to make the layout of each product clear and vivid. What’s more, consistency helps designers improve the quality of the product and users‘ satisfaction.


The better the function visibility is, the more convenient it is for users to find and understand the usage. This can convey information accurately to the user, which enables them to step into the next step quickly.

The three elements:


The service object of interaction design is user, aiming to meet the demands’ of users. Therefore, the interaction designers should try the perspective-taking, standing in the user's position to think solutions to problems, and then carrying out the corresponding design according to the user's mental model.



Interaction designers undertake a part of the job of product managers and make the design in accordance with product managers’ expectations. So Interaction designers are supposed to balance the two demands of users and the product manager.

User scenario

Now we have talked about users and demands, the next is to imagine the users’ scenarios. Every design is based on the user scene, thus the user scenario is a crucial step in interaction design.

Nowadays, with user's requirements are getting higher and higher, how to design a product with an excellent user experience has become a challenge faced by many interaction designers. I hope this article could help you clearly understand the interaction design foundation which is a basic step of how to be an excellent interaction designer.

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