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10 Top UI Designers on Dribbble You Can’t Miss Out

Apr 27, 2017 401223

As a UI designer, which social network do you prefer to share and acquire design information? Facebook or Twitter? There are also many websites to learn UI/UX design on the Internet. Today, I’d like to introduce a design community called Dribbble, which attracts many top UI designers, graphic designers and illustrators. It functions as a self-promotion and networking platform for graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, and other creative areas. Now it has become one of the largest platforms for designers to share their work online. In a word, Dribbble is a place to show and tell, promote, discover, and explore design. For the designers who first use this social network, which designer deserves to be followed?

1. lonut Zamfir

lonut Zamfir is a freelance UI designer from Bucharest, Romania. He likes clean interfaces, I always try to find the best results possible for client's project. Being a freelancer is not eay, but he thinks the designer has a really important role in our digital life. The designer should not also create UI design for applications that will simplify our life and make it easier, but also make applications easy to navigate or use.

2. Fabio Basile

Fabio Basile is a product designer and developer from Manchester, UK. He has a lively and lovely design style, which always add many cartoon in his design. He has also worked for some famous company like Samsung, Sony Music. His much experience makes him one of top UI designers.

3. Dann Petty

Dann Petty is already one of the best UI designers on Dribbble. Many designers admire Dann’s work since they’ve started in this industry. He started designing when he was 16. His style is very surf, snowboard culture inspired, usually with big type or big photos, but less text.

4. Dave Chenell

Dave Chenell is an NYC based designer, developer and animator. He likes minimal vintage futurism, and he also tries to combine different styles in his works. I personally love his design very much, because his deign is clean and comfortable with delightful colors. He can use several geometric figures and lines to create vivid images. That surprises me a lot!

5. Sean Farrell

Sean Farrell is a freelance UI designer and illustrator. He specializes in logo design, branding, identity, web, but also one of top UI designers. He likes minimalism, and most of his design look like a single logo in the center of a picture with one kind background color. His design is simple but not random.

6. Orman Clark

Orman Clark is a WordPress theme author and the founder of Premium Pixels. Orman got started as a graphic designer in the British Armed Forces and has significant experience in web design, graphic design, and SEO with both large and small companies. He is definitely seemed as one of excellent UI designers in this industry.

7. Kerem Suer

Kerem Suer is a freelancing UI designer in San Francisco.With over a decade of experience, he specialize in prototype design, products and brands design. As for UI design, he takes user experience and feedback in the first place. He thinks knowing users’ opinions is the only way that can help your products become better and better.

8. Julien Renvoye

Julien Renvoye is a product designer at Mixpanel, and he's also a freelance focusing on iOS Design, Web Design and UX currently located in San Francisco, California. He thinks making simple, efficient UI by as well, combining pixel perfection is the most important skill to have.

9. Julia Khusainova

Julia Khusainova is a human interface designer mainly focused on wireframing, and designing clean, modern and usable interfaces for iPhone and iPad. She thinks the better way to be a top UI designer is constant study. The world is designed, either by humans or by nature and they can absorb this knowledge by looking around and analyzing why certain elements exist in the way they do.

10. Virgil Pana

Virgil Pana is a freelance designer and front-end developer based in Bucharest, Romania. He specialized in UI/UX design for Web and mobile applications. He believes UX is not UI, but they do effect each other. Being able to understand the user experience is such a key element of improving your knowledge in UI design.


As a UI designer, constantly learning skills and inspiration from these top UI designers is very necessary, but at the same time, you should also pay attention not to rely too much on the works of these excellent UI designers. You have to have your own unique design style so as to attract more valuable customers.

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