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UX Design Sharing Event - Sichuan Normal University

May 21, 2018

The second stage of the has officially began On May 16th, 2018. The User Experience Design Experience-Sharing Event gathered 3 guests in design industry to the School of Clothing and Design Arts of Sichuan Normal University.

All the guests are the experts of design industry. They are Ms. Li Juan, President of UXPA Southwest Branch and Design Director of Jane Cubic, Wang Junfeng, director and professor of the Department of Industrial Design of Southwest University of Science and Technology, and also the vice president of UXPA Southwest Branch, and Mr. Yang Sibai, the Technical Director of Mockplus of Jondge Software LLC.

upcoming 10th Mockplus & UXPA UXD Award Professor Qiao Hong, Deputy Dean of the School of Clothing and Design Arts of Sichuan Normal University, was being the host and made a speech at the opening ceremony. His speech shows his earnest expectations for the students and also encouraged them to participate in the 10th Mockplus & UXPA UXD Award.

After the opening speech, Mr. Wang Junfeng introduced the Upcoming 10th Mockplus & UXPA UXD Award in details. Moreover, he made a speech of“Interactive Design in the Age of Information and Physics Convergence”, which explained specifically what is the user experience like when integrated with the interactive design and Physical information.

Then,Ms. Li Juan shared her insightful opinion of“How to experience design thinking and Create a better future”. She introduced the definition and application of experience design, and illustrated that experience design can be integrated with any industry, which will definitely make experience design a basic framework for industries and companies in the future.

The last one is Mr. Yang Sibo, the Technical Director of Mockplus of Jondge Software LLC., made a speech of“From idea to product, how to take the first step?”He introduced a step-to-step guidance on how to translate excellent ideas into a good product.

Technical Director of Mockplus of Jondge Software LLC

Meanwhile, Mockplus, a faster and easier prototyping tool, was introduced to the students and Mr. Yang Sibai demonstrated how it works. With its clean interface, excellent functions, smooth operations, this clean and smart tool became so popular among the students.

During the interactive session, the students asked questions and the guests answered them all patiently.

All the students have learned a lot about Interactive Design form the 3 experts. They all encouraged the students to do more practice and be prepared to begin a career of user experience designer in future.

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