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Blog > Inside Mockplus > A Cool New Way to View & Share "Attachments" in Mockplus Cloud

A Cool New Way to View & Share "Attachments" in Mockplus Cloud

Aug 26, 2019

Today we are going to learn a cool new way of using "Attachments" in Cloud. As we know, Cloud supports uploading different types of attachments in the "Document" mode, such as images, different prototype demo package files, and other commonly-used documents. Let's see how these attached documents can be used to improve your product team's efficiency:

Key info:

- Add file/link references

- Change the team management entry

Add file/link references

In Mockplus Cloud, it’s easy and convenient for team members to manage and search for files and documents.

In "Comment" mode and "Review" mode, Cloud allows you to upload your attachments directly or use the files and links that have already been uploaded to "Document". Your team can review the files and documents while checking the comments, saving everyone a lot of time.

You can also upload local attachments to Cloud directly while they will be automatically saved in Document.

This also applies in "Review" mode. "Add an attachment" and "Add a link" are two newly-added functions in the Tool panel. You can find these at the upper-left corner of the canvas. Now you can "pin" your attachments to the file, as well as preview and download them. It’s simple, neat, and accessible.

Change the team management entry

We have moved the entrance to a more distinct location on the homepage. The page displays information about the team and its members. It is easy to switch between pages. In the Members section, you can manage the authorization of each member, and in the Team section, you can view the details of the team.

Manage team member

That’s all for today. Why not give Cloud a go now?

Summer ye

In- house content editor, specialize in SEO content writing. She is a fruit lover and visionary person.

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