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Website Background Design: Best Examples & Design Tips in 2019

Aug 5, 2019 142816

Website background design plays a substantial impact on web experience - a good website background design can retain visitors and promote conversation rate. On the other hand, rough website design with inappropriate pictures and intrusive color combinations may become a visual disaster for your visitors.

Therefore, an experienced designer thinks about background design, layout, colors and fonts at the very beginning.

To make things simpler, Mockplus team created a collection of the website background design based on visual elements and design method:

  • Geometry & Polygon
  • Colors
  • Gradient
  • Lines
  • Animation
  • Photograp
  • Texture

1. Website Background Design - Geometry & Polygon

Geometric animation

By Martyna Wawrowska

Geometric animation

Animated geometric elements on a pure black background create a well balanced dynamic composition. The animation in this layout is used to attract users

Geometric shape Exploration for landing page ful

By Hadianto Nugraha

Geometric shape Exploration for landing page full

Clean and straightforward layout of this website is complemented by angular geometric elements and a simple color scheme which fits the design perfectly. The site looks modern and eye-catching.

Illusion -3D Geometric Objects

By Diana Hlevnjak

Website background design Illusion 3D Geometric Objects

3D geometric elements become more popular recently. In comparison with flat objects, 3D geometric objects allow you to create a more expressive design.

Variant Bio

By ++hellohello

Variant Bio

The polygonal pattern of the blue geometric lines is familiar for anyone who watched sci-fi movies. The integration of these elements into website design inevitably adds a sense of high-tech to the web experience.

2. Website Background Design – Colors

Freestyle Design

By Dawid Legierski

Website background design Freestyle Design

This artwork will be an inspiration for designers who prefer to use pure colors such as black and white. This website features a few dynamic colors to create visual interest for visitors.

Unick Co - Consultin

By Nikola Uzunov

Unick Co Consulting

Dark website design can be elegant and creative. The light fonts and nice graphics make design passionate and vivid. By the way, here are 12 cool black and white website design examples for your inspiration.

Fine Art collection Roses

By Graphics Collection 

Fine Art collection Roses

This design features watercolor elements in background design, which are quite popular these days— the beauty of the watercolor elements is something that introduces depth to the background

3. Website Background Design – Gradient

Cyberpunk Neon Recipe Contest

By Ilya Dudakov

Cyberpunk Neon Recipe Contest

As one of the 2019 website design trends, gradient colors are used by many designers. You can use a separate gradient color as a background, or you can overlay the gradient over a video or image. It’s relatively easy to create a dynamic gradient background with frontend tools.

404 page

By Sri Budiarti

Website background design 404 page

Creative 404 error pages not only guide users to view the website smartly, but also reduce the user’s frustration and improve overall user experience.

Vevo Concept

By Roman Sal

Vevo Concept

A dark gradient background design with red and black makes the website look modern and trendy.

Capture Moments

By M S Brar

Website background design Capture Moments

This design features an elegant and simple gradient background.

4. Website Background Design- Lines

The Crutches Of Wisdom

By Samson Vowle

The Crutches Of Wisdom

A creative designer can transform a simple line into a purely magical object. Samson’s sketches are a perfect demonstration of a designer’s creativity.

Exciting Noodles Website Page

By Crusenho

Exciting Noodles Website Page

Have you ever think of creating a website using only text and lines? The background of this site was created using lines — creative and beautiful design decision.

Illustrations mobility as a service

By Erik Odijk

Illustrations mobility as a service

Would you like to live in a world formed by lines? This illustration was created using lines; everything here looks simple and logical.

5. Website Background Design - Animations


By Mockplus Team

Website background design Mockplus iDoc

Human eyes are hardwired to be sensitive to moving objects. As a design team responsible for creating a prototyping tool and online collaboration platform, Mockplus team uses a dynamic background design in the background design. It helps to showcase product features through animated video.

Landing page - Teamm

By Outcrowd

landing page team

The dynamic background and berry color palette reveal the sweetness of summer. Designers believe that by adding animations to web page background, they will motivate employees and get better conversion.

Colorful & Fun Illustrations II

by AntonTkachev

Colorful FunIllustrations II

Animation in the background design has a purely functional role - it demonstrates the company's business processes so that visitors can see the services that the company offers.

6. Website Background Design- Photograph

Cabin & Wild Lake Side

By Nathan Riley

cabin wild lake side

More and more designers choose to use extensive background photos as background. In this design, the designer uses real high-res photography. Beautiful and practical, this photo suits well for the traveling website.

Lost in the Woods

By Nathan Rile

Traveling industry grows fast in recent years, and not surprisingly, we see more and more traveling websites. Designers often prefer to use real photographs as a website background. The ever-changing real-life photography carousel makes visitors enjoy the charm of the wild.

Lost in the Woods

Liquid Effect

by Asha Rajput

Liquid Effect

This website a nice-looking hero image that almost screaming “Go, explore the world!” This design uses a well-crafted method of attracting visitors - the changing slides show different sights in various country. It’s a nice demo of using liquid effect, animation, and real photograph hero image.

7. Website Background Design – Textures

Hey Kennard! Branding/Landing Page

By Kennard Lilly

Hey Kennard Branding Landing Page

It’s relatively easy to create visual interest by adding texture in website design.

Rental software's landing page

By Yusuf Nugroho

Rental software's landing page

This example uses the hand-painted texture as background to provide depth and visual interest.

How to Create a Website Background Design by Yourself?

1. To create your web page, you need to find the background picture using one of the following resources:

Freepik: a free picture resource for website background design.

Designshack: a website providing free resources & collections for website design.

Dribbble: the best design community for designers to find & search designs for inspiration.

Behance: another design community gathers a lot of great design resources.

2. Use one of the following design tools:

Photoshop: the best graphic design software.

Adobe XD: A design tool to make design & prototype for web and mobile apps

Mockplus: An all-inclusive prototyping tool for fast interaction, fast design and fast preview for website design and mobile app design.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of website background design examples and inspirations as well as a collection of free website background design resources. 

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