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Blog > Product design > What Skills Are Required for Front-End Developers

What Skills Are Required for Front-End Developers


With the Internet being a indispensable part of our daily work and life, it’s been much easier to know about the IT related positions,such as design, front-end development and back-end development, etc. Most people would naturally think that the page development is pretty easy and requires no techie at all.

Not only do most people have such universal ways of cognition, but also many professionals may have a lot of doubts: Does front-end implementation, no problem; compatibility issue, small case; picture integration, has been in use always… Then what can be the real problems?Here, let’s go and see what skills that frond-end developers need to master on earth. Please comment below if you have any thoughts to share with me.

#Skill 1 — Build A UI Prototype & Make Designs Functional

It’s a must for excellent frond-end developers to master one prototype design tool, turning their ideas into functional prototypes, along with the ability to make the design go live by the page coding. A good example to make rapid prototyping could be the industry-leading Axure or the rising star Mockplus. That’s the basic requirement to step into the front-end development world, and there are more to learn involved in page development work.

#Skill 2 — Communicate with Designers & Get Involved in the Project

Communication is of great importance to all walks of life,and for frond-end developers, their prime “customer” should be theproject designer with no doubt. Throughout the entire process, the developerand designer need to explore UI components and visual styles of websites. Forinstance, whether the structure can be much clearer through CSS3? Whether therewill be an balance achieving between the visual effects and coding? How aboutthe low-end browser rendering efficiency? It’s the responsibility of developersto ensure the page stability and rendering efficiency.

In most cases, the project schedule requires the design tobe synchronized with the front-end development, and it requires the projectcommunication as much as possible during this period.

Communicate with Designers

#Skill 3 — Build A Good Page Structure

In the area of front-end development, the preparation ofpage structure is like laying the building foundation and will affect manyareas regarding coding quality, JS development, the back-end development aswell as the page expansion, adjustment and iteration. When getting the designdraft, you’d better give more observation instead of rushing to start.

#Skill 4 — Write Beautiful Codes

As the functions of web project become far more complex thanever, the direct consquence is that the amount of code turns very large. In thefurther, how to carry out the collaborative development and code maintenanceshould be the first thing to be considered at the very beginning of front-enddevelopment. In this case, it’s better to make prior preparations and developgood coding development habits. Such as, the rational use of labels, reasonablecomments, clear code structure and the accurate use of CSS and so on.Undoubtedly, beautiful code and clear structure will save a lot of time andefforts in the future collaborative development.

#Skill 5 — Guarantee Efficiency

As a part of the project development, front-end developers must have a chance to: as soon as possible for the project to follow up progress for more time. In addition to the actual combat experience and the formation of code habits can help us improve efficiency, you want to improve the progress of their own development control, but also need to learn to use auxiliary tools to help improve the page development Efficiency, such as the use of Less or Sass can help us to expand and organize CSS, greatly improve the efficiency of the preparation of CSS increased maintainability. A lot of excavation will find the most appropriate tool for their own use.

#Skill 6 — Optimize the Web Server

Page development also need to understand the server optimization, to minimize the burden on the server. Such as css sprite is a typical example of reducing the number of server requests, as well as the confusion of class names to avoid naming too long redundancy; application base64 to reduce the number of requests and so on. These are the result of a comprehensive trade-off and need to be considered in all aspects of overall optimization. Because when the page access to a certain order of magnitude, and then a little bit of optimization will achieve considerable results, or small problems will bring disaster.

#Skills 7 — Never Stop Learning

This is a period of rapid development, but also full of opportunities of the times, the advent of the HTML5 era with the rise of the mobile Internet to create a greater opportunity, there are too many things worth learning to find. As a developer, walking at the forefront of technology is always the best way to stay competitive. Is the so-called “only high house can be a matter of course”. Take the CEO of the Apple CEO Stanford speech “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” and we encourage each other.

Never Stop Learning

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