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Blog > Inside Mockplus > What's New in Mockplus v2.3? (I)

What's New in Mockplus v2.3? (I)

Dec 22, 2016

Mockplus v2.3 is on the way, it will be released in the middle of January.

What's new in 2.3?

1. Project history edition on the Cloud

In the new version of Mockplus, you can see all the history of the projects on the cloud, choose that one you need to update or download.

2. Component Library sync and share

Local operation:
Create, delete, edit libraries and their components.

Cloud Sync:
Publish, unpublish and sync component libraries.

Add/delete users in the share list.

Common libraries:
Download common libraries which are provided by Mockplus Team.

3. Published project encryption

This function will help you protect your project safer.

To be continued...

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