Better design specs result in faster handoff

Turn designs into specs automatically. Tailor design specs for the needs of your dev team. Create a more accurate and easy-to-understand spec.

Share assets with developers effectively

Handoff assets generated from layers directly and help set the developers up for success. Communicate where assets live and address any missing concerns with developers.

Compress the size of assets

Easily compress and download all required assets in 50% smaller.

All assets are tailored to platforms

All the assets are perfectly tailored to Android, iOS and web.

Create custom styles

Get assets with transparent background, paddings and different scales.

Design and communicate smarter, not harder

Work with always up-to-date designs and push things forward together. No more back-and-forths, no more tedious feedback loops between designers and developers. Just a simple and straightforward design process.

Inspect design differences down to the last detail

Interactive prototyping has never been so easy

Make the interactive prototyping as an easy task. You can quickly turn static visuals into high-fi functional prototypes with our animations and gestures.


We have 15 different transition animations to help you improve the overall user experience.


Create a life-like product with our click, press and swipe gestures.


Create scrollable areas in prototype. Enable horizontal, vertical, or any direction scrolling.


Add a “Go-to” link to showcase advanced user flow.

Enjoy the smoothest handoff design process
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