Make designer-developer collaboration smoothly

No more misunderstanding between designers and developers

Keep design sources up to date

Say goodbye to manual check of designs. You will never have outdated designs because all changes are sync automatically.

Instant inspection and commenting

You can mark-up any design issues with our pinning tools. Your engineering team will be fully aware of design ideas and implement them effectively.

Accurate handoff designs

Developers can inspect designs and implement pixel-perfect solutions without too much effort.

Access design specs anytime you want

No need to waste a lot of time asking designers to prepare specs. You can get all the required information when you need it. Everything you need is here.

Download assets with a single click

Access and download the latest assets from Sketch, Adobe XD and Photoshop

Compress the size of assets

Easily compress and download all required assets in 50% smaller.

All assets are tailored to platforms

All the assets are perfectly tailored to Android, iOS and web.

Create custom styles

Get assets with transparent background, paddings and different scales.

Export snippet codes with ease

Generate CSS codes automatically. Developers can copy them to use in code. It can save a lot of time when developers are translating design elements into a web application.

Streamlined developer workflow

You can preview interactive prototypes with a sharable link. Whenever developers have a question about design, they can leave a comment to clarify design decisions.

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