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bit confusing

John · 4529 · 0 · 12:08 AM    Aug 7, 2021

So you have mockplus in 3 flavors - prototype, design and rp. so thinking i wanted to design my page I imported a page from Photoshop into design. It has just a few elements and I cannot even add text. So went to help and searched for 'add text' and everything came up under RP. all of the tools are tutorials talk about RP. So if RP has the design elements why have a area called design? Confusing. Then try to find if I can move a design to RP...cannot. again documentation is lacking. So now after playing around in design for a while I will start all over again in RP...Wish you would have better documentation. More confusing than needed. Another thing...clicking anything the site open another tab...very soon I have several tabs and now I have to find which tab I was on. Just feedback that it is always better to have end users design and give feedback on your UI and navigation than a coder/programmer doing it.

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Mockplus Team

Hello John, 

Sorry for inconvenience caused by. 

Right now, when you are trying to create a project on Mockplus Cloud, you'll find there are three options as below: 

The frist prototype handoff option helps you import Axure and our desktop prototype into Mockplus Cloud for a better collaboration and handoff. 

The second design handoff option helps you import designs that have already completed in Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD and Photoshop for a better collaboration and handoff. 

After the importing, you can easily translate your static designs into interactive prototypes, review and leave a comment directly on the designs for a better handoff. 

It is made for product teams that have members using different design tools, but also want to work together. So, that's why you may not continue editing a Photoshop design file there. 

And the third online prototyping option is the built-in online design prototyping tool, Mockplus RP, which can help you and your team co-design on the same project in real-time. 

It is made for designers or teams that want to create their designs or prototypes directly online. 

In one word, the project on Mockplus has been made to help you gather all relevant design files so that you and your teams can always access and view their desired information from anywhere through a single link. 

If this does not help you, you may check this video tutorial:

Please let us know if you need any further assistance. 

Mockplus team

2:02 AM    Aug 10, 2021


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