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Francesco Bertolini · 2556 · 3 · 7:33 AM    Apr 13, 2022

Morning, is there in Mockuplus RP a Scrollbox component like the one is in the mockup classic ?

Or it is possibile create a scrollbox with component provided in Mockplus RP ?

Thank you very much

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Mockplus RP is a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design and prototyping tool that allows designers and product teams to create interactive and functional prototypes for web and mobile applications. It's part of the Mockplus suite of design and prototyping tools

11:24 AM    Oct 31, 2023



Mockplus Team

Hello  Francesco, 

Do you mean the scrollbox components like the below? 

Deeply sorry that Mockplus RP does not offer such a component yet,  but, it gets much easier to help you create a scrollable content with auto-generated scroll bars. |

For example, first, you can just use a Panel component to make it scrollable:

Or you can directly select all components you need and choose "Covert to Panel" from the right-click menus to make them all scrolalble at the right-hand panel: 

Also, check this tutorial to see more details:

3:32 AM    Apr 18, 2022


Francesco Bertolini

thank you

10:19 AM    Apr 21, 2022


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