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Don’t Care Too Much about Future & Just Change What You Can Change

Oct 31, 2017 133275

Today we have David, an ex senior product manager in YY, here with us in UXer Talks.

When it comes to live web cast, what would you think of ? Those who have an older network age will think of YY.

Why YY can have such a success?

Up to now, YY has become the biggest mass entertainment webcast platform, which includes music, technology, outdoors, sports and games, etc. The registered users of YY has reached one billion, the month active users are up to 122 millions. YY is first founded on a powerful connection tool --- YY voice. Why YY can be such a success? Let’s know more about it first.

What are people doing with YY? What demands does YY meet them?

YY is at the beginning the voice tool of the game “World of Warcraft”. Players realize team collaborations with YY voice, and developed into game communities and societies based on it. Finally, they get money through web casting. Now, the YY voice is no longer the core of its features. More and more people choose to watch live on YY and meet their various entertainment demands.

A lot of products are designed everyday, but most of them can’t get ahead, many of them even don’t have the chance to be used by real customers. YY is no doubt a success. What makes todays YY?

When the demand of team voice boosts, the seniors are able to make the right choice, which accounts for YY’s success. At that time, Xueling Li, the CEO of YY made the correct judgement and carried their plans out firmly, even if it needed a lot of investment. This needs unusual courage and executive force.

Is there any story behind the success of YY, that you want to share with us?

At that time, Xueling Li just start his company at Junjing Garden. One day a talent came to him for an job interview. The talent, who told Li that he wanted to go outside for a smoke during the interview. Ling agreed, but the interviewee didn’t come back. This story is usually mentioned by Li, to show the awkward situation at that time. Also, he wanted us to know that the choice of him derived him of a job in a listed company.

Entrepreneurs needs to face a lot of awkward situations, but never give up.

Is product Manager the key factor that determines whether a product can make success or not?

On Quora, there’s such a question: I’ve never made a successful product? What should I do?

There’s no denying that product manager have a very big influence on the development of a product. Product manager is the leader, the decision maker and promoter.

But in fact, for most product managers in China, they cannot affect the final result of a product. In other words, a product manager at execution level is far from such a key element. So you don’t have to elaborate on this problem. What you should do is to adopt some workable suggestions. For instance, make an objective judgement on what would be the fast-growing industry in near future and choose the right company. Find a guide in your work, you know, your teacher determines your growth speed.

What do you think is the core competence of a product manager?

There are many to list. But logic thinking and product feeling are the most important.

On Zhihu, you have ever wrote: fragmented information is not for systematically study and communication. It can only be used to make conclusions of simple questions, or those complaints of little importance. If you want to learn a skill, close Zhihu and other social platforms first, learn it from life and practice.

How do product managers improve themselves by making use of fragmented time?

Get closer to your users; Keep curiosity to the world; Think more.

When there’s a project, it’d better that you can quickly know your plan in your mind if the project is yours. You should know what the core of this project is. Meanwhile, try to build the whole process in your brain. If you can do these, I think you were born for product management. Try to adopt this way every time you see a project, and gradually you will get improved.

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