Sketch prototyping in Mockplus RP

Transform your Sketch designs into functional prototypes faster and easier


Export Sketch files

With our Mockplus RP for Sketch plugin, you can export your Sketch source files into Mockplus RP in one click.

All the designs you made in Sketch-whether mobile, web or tablet interfaces-will be uploaded to Mockplus RP projects directly.

Customize designs in Mockplus RP

Once Sketch files are exported, you can create interactive high-fi prototypes in Mockplus RP with simple drag-and-drop.

Easily add links from one page to the next and animate delightful page transitions to create user flow, as well as transform static visuals into working prototypes.

Drag a Hotspot widget and place it anywhere you want to add interactions.

Fast testing for instant feedback

Mockplus RP offers you 8 ways to preview and share your prototypes with team members and stockholders.

The most popular way is exporting to HTML with a shareable link so that all reviewers can add comments to your designs.

Also, you can run your prototypes on a real device when designing a mobile project.

Sync and iterate with ease

Access all designs and comments in Mockplus RP effectively.

Keep them in sync and incorporate ideas to improve and iterate your designs into better products.

Make Sketch prototyping faster and easier
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