What is Mockplus DT?

Mockplus DT is a free, online UI design tool to design, animate, collaborate, and handoff seamlessly in just one place, whether you're working solo or with a team.
It provides powerful vector design capabilities for designers to turn all possible web or app ideas to testable UIs in the quickest way, and has advanced features, like the Comment and Dev modes, to seamlessly move to the next product design step, including testing and sharing, feedback collecting, and delivering everything dev teams may need - all through one single link.
Mockplus DT ensures everyone on your team stays efficient and agile with ease.

Key features

Fast UI design with featured templates - Our collection of featured templates helps to present any your creative UI vision quick and straightforward.

Vector design made easy - With powerful vector design capabilities, like Pen and Pencil tools, Boolean operations, Rotate copies, and more, you can personalize any super tiny detail in a breeze.

Make interactive UIs with drag-and-drops - Also add interactions and animations to smoothly go from one page to another or create a clickable hotspot.

Multi-user co-editing - Your whole design team can co-edit the same project or design page in real-time, locally or remotely, all right in the browser.

Shareable design systems - You and your teammates can create or reuse shared design asset libraries for design consistency and scalability.

Share and feedback - A special Comment mode enables you to invite others to review designs and leave comments directly on the screen via a link.

Auto-generated specs, assets and code snippets - Mockplus DT auto turns your designs and layers to downloadable measurements, specs, assets, and code snippets.

Seamless dev handoff via a single link - A dedicated Dev mode is specially made for developers to inspect and get whatever they need via a single link.

Kickstart with Sketch/Figma/DT import - Jumpstart your UI projects from existing Sketch/Figma/DT files and asset libraries.

Integrate with Mockplus Cloud - For teams collaborating with partners using tools such as Axure, Adobe XD, and Photoshop, publish your project to Mockplus Cloud for further collaboration and handoff.


Mockplus DT has earned recognition as the top-rated alternative to Figma, thanks to the following key advantages:

Speedy and efficient - Mockplus DT adopts key design features and shortcuts of popular design tools like Figma and Sketch, enabling you to get started and master in the quickest way.

Hi-fi UI designing cannot be easier - Drag-and-drop editors, premade templates, familiar design features, rich detail settings and more are ideal for creating fully functional hi-fi UIs in just minutes.

Collaborate in one place, from start to finish - Collaborate in one place, from start to finish

Swift switch from Sketch or Figma to Mockplus - In just one click, import your Sketch or Figma files and enjoy full editability for further refinement and collaboration.

Cost-effective - A free-forever plan is available with 3 projects and 10 project members for free. The premium plans start with just $6 per user per month, much lower than its competitors.


Mockplus DT has been around since 2022:

Initially released in July 2022, Mockplus DT is a vector-based UI design tool that empowers teams to create designs according to their preferences.

In February 2023, Mockplus DT Mockplus DT underwent improvements, like Golden Spiral, Golden Grid, and Golden Rectangle, to help users aesthetically layout interfaces at a perfect ratio with ease.

Further optimization occurred in February 2023 with the introduction of Comment and Dev modes, successfully bringing the entire product design workflow into one place.

Mockplus DT VS Mockplus RP, which one to choose?

Mockplus DT

Mockplus DT is a professional UI design tool that helps to create hi-fi web and app interfaces from scratch and deliver all details to developers via a single link.

Excel for its strong vector design, collaboration and handoff capabilities

Used in later design phases before moving to the development stage

Best for professional UI designers and developers

An alternative to Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD

Mockplus RP

Mockplus RP is a fast and easy solution for creating interactive wireframes, prototypes and user flows without having to focus on unnecessary details.

Excel in rapid idea visualization

Offer rich design widget libraries, templates, and interactions

Be used in the early design stages

Best for product managers, UX designers, developers and others without any design skills

An alternative to Axure, Uxpin and Justinmind

These tools are made for different purposes and target user groups, and also used at different phrases of your product design workflow, but they both work together to help you create better web or app product.

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