What is Mockplus RP?

Mockplus RP is a free online prototyping tool for any web, mobile, and desktop app projects. It lets designers and teams easily design, collaborate, and present from simple user flows, and click-through wireframes to highly interactive prototypes in just minutes.

Key features

Built-in templates and widgets for fast wireframing and prototyping - Mockplus RP provides premade templates, UI kits, and widget libraries in different styles and themes for designers to visualize and test design concepts in minutes.

Drag and drop to make interactive prototypes fast - Add lifelike interactions, animations, transitions, and gestures to web and app prototypes with just a few drag-and-drop, all without code.

Team prototyping - Mockplus RP makes it easy for teams to collaborate on a project in real time. With just a single link, designers can easily invite partners to the same project, co-edit it together, and gather first-hand feedback.

Shared UI assets - Designers can personalize premade icons, components, and templates to create their own asset libraries and share them with the whole team or company for keeping design consistency.

Smart notes and specifications - Add notes to specific UI elements or pages to clearly deliver design requirements, specs, and intents to developers and stakeholders.

Flowchart diagramming as easy as drag-and-drop - Mockplus RP offers a special mode for designers to quickly diagram any flowchart, such as user flows, sitemaps, and onboarding process, with simple drag-and-drop.


Build prototypes without coding. Mockplus RP offers a simple drag-and-drop editor for designers and teams to create widgets, interactions, and prototypes with ease. No need to write any line of code.

Browser-based prototyping. Mockplus RP runs entirely in the browser and stores everything in the Cloud, allowing users to log in from anywhere in the world and conduct the entire prototyping process completely online.

Design from low-fi to hi-fi prototypes. Mockplus PR helps to create designs of all levels, from simple sketches, wireframes, and mockups to hi-fi prototypes, and anything in between.

Speed and efficiency. Mockplus RP is committed to helping teams design faster and collaborate better in one place. To achieve this, every feature and detail is carefully crafted to simplify the prototyping process, making it possible to complete projects at least 2x faster.

Short learning curve. Mockplus RP has beginner-friendly interfaces, premade free templates and asset libraries, simple interaction-making, batch image importing, quick flowchart diagramming, and more features to get users started quickly.

Cost-effective. Mockplus RP offers a free-forever pricing plan for everyone to fully explore all of its exclusive features. A full set of pricing options are also available for both individuals and teams, starting at just $10.95 per user per month, ensuring a perfect fit for any budget.

Scalable and secure. Mockplus RP enables your entire team to create, share, and reuse the same libraries, making it easy to scale up for future projects. It also takes all necessary measures to ensure data security, such as password-protected sharing, role-based access control, and regular server checks, etc.

No need to use design tools like Adobe XD, or Sketch. With advanced interactions and states like Rotate, Slide, Mouse Hover, and Focused, Mockplus PR helps to present all possible lifelike motions and details of future web and mobile apps. Your whole prototyping workflow is contained in just one tool.

Seamlessly moving to the handoff process. Publish prototypes to Mockplus Cloud, an online design collaboration and handoff tool, for instant sharing, inspecting, and handoff. Both developers and designers can then get whatever their need for faster collaboration.


Mockplus RP has been around since 2020:

Mockplus RP was first released in February 2020 as an online prototyping tool featuring vector editing for designers and teams.

Mockplus RP was separated from Mockplus Cloud in April 2022, providing users with a standalone space to create, edit and manage prototypes.

Mockplus RP introduced a desktop app in January 2023 for users to create, edit and manage prototypes offline.

Examples/User cases

Words alone can not prove a thing. So, let's explore our collection of amazing design examples created with Mockplus RP in our Template gallery and discover the true potential of what you can create with this tool.

Mockplus DT VS Mockplus RP, which one to choose?

Mockplus DT

Mockplus DT is a professional UI design tool that helps to create hi-fi web and app interfaces from scratch and deliver all details to developers via a single link.

Excel for its strong vector design, collaboration and handoff capabilities

Used in later design phases before moving to the development stage

Best for professional UI designers and developers

An alternative to Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD

Mockplus RP

Mockplus RP is a fast and easy solution for creating interactive wireframes, prototypes and user flows without having to focus on unnecessary details.

Excel in rapid idea visualization

Offer rich design widget libraries, templates, and interactions

Be used in the early design stages

Best for product managers, UX designers, developers and others without any design skills

An alternative to Axure, Uxpin and Justinmind

These tools are made for different purposes and target user groups, and also used at different phrases of your product design workflow, but they both work together to help you create better web or app product.

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