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Log Into Mockplus Plugins via Your Web Browser

Apr 15, 2021

A sharp design tool makes everyone's life easier. So in this update, we have introduced new features and squashed tons of bugs.

In our latest update, you can log into our Sketch, Photoshop or Adobe XD plugins directly through the browser. When you upload your Axure or Mockplus Classic prototypes to our platform you can drag and drop any page to resort and manage them in the Storyboard. 

We have also added a new feature to show or hide your password when you're trying to share projects with a password-protected link. We have also added useful features to RP, including creating a new project even under the editing mode. 

Mockplus Cloud

Log into plugins via browser

We've changed the default way for users to log into our plugins. Now you can log into our Sketch, Adobe Photoshop and XD plugins via the browser. 

If you are already logged into Mockplus in the browser, you no longer need to re-enter your e-mail and password again, you will be logged in automatically.

Resort uploaded prototypes with drag-and-drop 

After uploading your Axure or Mockplus Classic prototype into Mockplus, you can easily drag and drop to resort them all in Storyboard. 

Get the number of comments per page in Storyboard

In this update, you can enter the Storyboard mode and see how many pin comments have been added to a page at a quick glance. The number just has been displayed right beside the page name on the left-hand Project Tree.

Fix many Figma plugin issues 

We’ve also fixed many bugs with the Figma plugin

  • Fixed an issue where you get incorrect asset specs after the upload.
  • Fixed an issue where assets with shadows may be stretched after the upload.
  • Fixed an issue where the angle of gradient colors may be incorrectly recognized.
  • Fixed an issue where the color of borders may not be recognized.

Auto save your content when adding a comment

When adding or replying to a comment, your comment will be automatically saved as you type so if something happens you no longer need to worry about losing your comments, they will still be there for you to finish when you return.

Add tags to multiple pages at once

To boost your work efficiency, you can now select multiple pages and add tags to them all at once. 

Mockplus RP 

Show or hide password when sharing an RP prototype

When you share an RP prototype, you can password protect it. While setting up the password you can also choose to show or hide the password for increased security.

Create a new project when in the RP editing mode

When you are editing in RP, you can now directly create a new project via the left-top menu. Expand the menu in the left-top corner -> New Project, now you can quickly create new projects without ever leaving your prototyping. This new project will be titled New Project and opened in a new window, so it will not clash with the project you were previously in.

Customize the placeholder of the Droplist

With this latest update, we’ve improved more features to the Droplist component. Now you can personalize the placeholder of the Droplist in the right-hand property panel.

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