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New Features > Finally, Axure Import Is Now Live for Your Exploration!

Finally, Axure Import Is Now Live for Your Exploration!

Oct 26, 2023 292050

Hello there! It's been a while since our last release in June. We've been hard at work for over four months to bring you a bunch of new features and improvements that will help you and your team to design faster and collaborate better with our tools.

With Mockplus RP, you can now import Axure files for further editing and collaboration, and try more features, such as the ability to export artboards as PDF files, Smart Fill, Dark and Light themes. Our UI design tool, Mockplus DT, now has been highly upgraded with special Development and Comment modes, Auto layout and more new updates.

Let's first check the key updates:

Mockplus RP

Mockplus DT

Mockplus Cloud

For now, let's dive into the details for a clearer understanding:

Mockplus RP ( for online collaborative prototyping)

Import Axure files for further editing and collaboration

We have exciting news for our dear users who are also using Axure!

If you are hesitant to switch from Axure to Mockplus RP because of its inability to import Axure files for quick data transformation, worry no more! Mockplus RP now offers a new feature for you to import Axure files in just a few clicks.

After the import, most of your file data will be retained, including your layer data, interactions and far more. Most importantly, you can also easily make further edits to interface details, collaborate with your team, share and test them right in the browser, collect feedback, and even handoff them to developers via a single link – all in Mockplus.

Though this new feature is still in beta testing, it will surely save you not just hours, but possibly days of work! Let's try it now!

New default components, like Dynamic Panel and Accordion Menus

Apart from the new component libraries, we have expanded our Default library to include more advanced components to empower your prototyping, such as:

1.Dynamic Panel - creating carousels, slideshows and content switching effects fast

Dynamic Panel is a versatile container that allows you to incorporate multiple States for holding distinct pieces of content and seamlessly switching between them within the same area of your user interface. It works like the existing Content Panel, and provides more unique features, like:

  • Nest with each other for creating more dynamic and complicated content switching

  • Drag and drop the content States to reorder them according to your needs

  • Adjust the number of States you can place in a single row with just one step

  • And much more

2.Accordion Menu - creating expandable accordions, navigation menus, FAQs and more

Accordion Menu is a menu and navigation component that vertically organizes a list of headings which can be expanded or collapsed to reveal or hide secondary content underneath.

It's essential to note that, at the moment, the Accordion Panel component supports only one level of content nesting. Under each title, you can create a maximum of one level of content. This simple nesting structure makes a nice tool for you to expandable navigation menus, FAQs and product presentations.

3.New Gauge Chart - -visualizing your data in a dial chart format

A gauge chart is an interactive data visualization that presents data in the form of a dial, which helps you to visualize your design data in a more intuitive and compelling manner. What's more, it is an interactive component, allowing users to interact with the data chart during the preview.

4.More component improvements

We've made further improvements to our components to simplify your design process.

For instance, Sticky Notes are made with default connectors, allowing you to directly snap it to related components and contents after dragging it onto the canvas. There is no need to manually add a line to connect them together and adjust the position, saving time in adding your annotations, requirements and more.

But that's not all – our chart components have received a boost as well. We've introduced new project options, such as "Apple Watch" and "Car infotainment", broadening your design possibilities. Plus, we've enhanced the stability of image exports to further improve your experience. You may explore other improvements about built-in components on your own.

Smart image and text filling ability

With this update, we've also introduced a new feature called "Smart Fill", which allows you to effortlessly populate your text or image elements with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data entry or uploads. Now, you can focus on visualizing your ideas without unnecessary interruptions.

Export artboards as a PDF

In response to the valuable feedback from our users, we've introduced a new feature that allows you to export your artboards as PDF files, catering to the needs of designers and teams who require PDF design files for seamless sharing and collaboration.

Whether you need to export a single artboard or multiple artboards within a project, you can now do so with ease, putting the power to export in PDF format right at your fingertips.

New Dark and Light themes

We now support a Light theme, enabling you to freely switch between the Dark and Light themes according to your preferences:

  • The Light theme - a theme that makes texts, images and other project content more distinct from a bright background. It is more suitable for daytime or well-lit environments.

  • The Dark theme - a theme that helps reduce eye strain and offers a more comfortable reading experience. It is ideal for nighttime or low-light environments.

Simply put, both of the Light and Dark modes have their own cons and pros. Feel free to switch between them while using Mockplus RP to tailor your experience to your liking.

Mockplus DT (for collaborative UI design)

New Development mode

Mockplus DT now supports a new Development mode for developers to translate designs into codes fast. Developers can easily switch from the "Design" mode into this mode, starting to review layer specifications, download design assets, and access CSS code snippets to expedite the development process.

You can now integrate your development team into your workflow by sharing a single link, enabling a smoother collaboration from the early stages.

New Comment mode

There is also a special Commend mode for your project members to freely view all design details and leave a comment directly on any layer or element. With this mode, you and your team can engage in real-time discussions regarding design requirements, improvements, or issues.

Here's what makes it even more dynamic:

  • @Mention someone: Use the @mention feature to notify and involve specific team members in the conversation.

  • Comment status: Easily add a comment status to categorize and prioritize your discussions.

  • Auto send notifications: Auto send notifications to the relevant team members, keeping everyone in the loop.

New auto layout feature

Mockplus DT introduces a powerful "Auto Layout" feature, allowing users to create designs that automatically adapt as the content within a frame, component, or component group changes. With this new feature, you can:

  • Vertically or horizontally align your content.

  • Adjust margins and distances between objects.

  • Set and apply constraints to make objects respond as needed.

  • Choose between a Stack or Fill layout approach.

  • Specify exclusions from the auto layout.

These settings provide you with a wealth of options to quickly structure your design files. This feature empowers you to create responsive designs, significantly improving design effectiveness and quality. Whether you're arranging elements horizontally or vertically, you have the tools to control and structure your design elements with ease.

Set and manage project access

To provide our users with a safer and more efficient way to share and manage projects and project folders, we've introduced a new system of project access permissions. You can now assign different access levels, such as "Can View," "Can Manage," and "Can Edit," to your team members when sharing projects or managing project and project folder members.

This feature ensures that you have fine-grained control over who can do what within your projects, making collaboration more secure and effective.

Upload and share custom fonts across teams

In this latest release of Mockplus DT, we've revamped our font feature to make it even more versatile. Now, you can effortlessly upload custom fonts and share them across your entire team or company. What's more, you have the option to directly access local fonts, eliminating the need to individually share, install, or update fonts for each user.

Additionally, you can mark your favorite fonts for speedy reuse.

Select all layers with the same characteristics

Mockplus DT now let you quickly select a bunch of layers with the same characteristics, without having to manually find and select them one by one as before. For example, you can choose to select all layers or objects with the same fill, shadow or properties in just one click on the layer panel.

Set grids and layouts

This time, we've enhanced the grid and layout settings to empower you to create more precise and efficient designs. Designers can now easily customize various aspects of grids and layouts, such as columns, rows, offsets, stretch types, margins, and many more. These improvements allow for more detailed control, enabling you to achieve layouts that are both accurate and effective.

More user experience improvements

In response to the valuable feedback from our cherished users, we've implemented more than 10 user experience improvements. For instance, on Mac, you can now swiftly pick colors when selecting a portion of text using the "Ctrl+C" shortcut. You can also zoom out from a layer with the "Z + Click" shortcut, among many other enhancements.

Mockplus Cloud (for design collaboration and handoff)

A new entrance to feedback or report a bug

To better hear feedback from our users, we've introduced a new entrance for collecting feedback or bug report directly from our users. They can easily click a floating button in the bottom-right corners to access a range of feedback and support options.

New project navigation bar added on the homepage

We're pleased to announce the addition of a new project navigation bar on the project homepage. This feature empowers users to swiftly locate and navigate to their desired projects and project folders.

Moreover, users can easily reorder these projects and project folders with just drag-and-drop.

Export member information in just one click

Administrators in a paid team now have the option to export the member information in just one click for better team management.

Adjusted entrance to switch between different teams

We have repositioned the entrance for switching teams, allowing you to quickly check your current team and switch between different teams.

Enhanced design annotations to a new level

We've taken design annotations to the next level with this release. Now, you can not only hyperlink specific sections of your annotations but also link them directly to associated Design or Prototype pages with just a few clicks. This enhancement adds a new layer of interactivity and convenience to your design documentation.

These are all the new features and improvements in our products. If you'd like to learn more, please check our release note for additional details.

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Free prototyping tool for web and mobile app design
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Free prototyping tool for web and mobile app design
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