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New Features > New Multi-purpose Sketch Plugin and More!

New Multi-purpose Sketch Plugin and More!

Feb 8, 2023 803491

Hello 2023! Let's get to know our first update of the new year together! This year is already shaping up to be an exciting one at We're thrilled to bring you our latest updates and enhancements to ensure that your design process runs smoothly with efficient teamwork.

This blog will explore the new Sketch plugin and the improved Axure plugin for Mockplus Cloud, performance and stability upgrades in Mockplus RP, and the three new Golden Ratio Overlays in Mockplus DT.

Join us as we closely examine how these updates can streamline and simplify your design workflow.

First, here are some key features that are included in this update:

Mockplus Cloud 

Mockplus RP

Mockplus DT

For a clearer understanding, now let's check out more details one by one.

Mockplus Cloud (for design collaboration and handoff)

Introducing the new multi-purpose Sketch plugin

Say goodbye to multiple Sketch plugins for importing designs, assets, and libraries. With the new and improved Sketch plugin, you can now import designs, assets, and libraries all in one place.

Additional feature: The plugin also has the added feature of checking the consistency of uploaded design files with the selected design system library and marking out any non-matching layers.

And, a convenient side toolbar has been added to access different functions quickly. It can be easily shown or hidden with the shortcut key 【⌃⇧B】, providing a consistent UI with Sketch.

Side toolbar

Wanna try this plugin? Free download our new Sketch plugin now

Introducing the Updated Axure Plugin

We have released a new version of Axure plugin, with which you can now log in directly via browser. And we also improved its performance with a higher speed of uploading large files.

You can also download the Axure plugin to give it try now

Optimized the compatibility with various web browsers

This update also optimizes our platform's compatibility with popular web browsers, including Safari and Firefox.

Add a video to your design with a URL in Prototype section

In previous versions of Mockplus, users could not link an interactive area with video files in Prototype section. They could only link it to the previous page, the home page, and external links. 

With this update, we added it, and the video will be fully accessible and playable in the Preview Section.

Please note: only those links with the .mp4 suffix are supported.

Customize the bottom toolbar location

The new update allows you to change the location of the bottom toolbar in the Single page view and Storyboard view. 

For example, you can set it to the bottom of the left in the toolbar setting.

Mockplus RP

Add audio & videos with links

After this update, you will not need to add a video and audio to your prototype by uploading any local files. Alternatively, you can add these files using the link, regardless of their size.

Please note: Only those links with the .mp4 and .mp3 suffixes are supported.

All the audio and video files uploaded before this update remain intact and playable. But if you want to change any of those files, you must add a new one with the link.

Now you must be thinking about how to add it. Just double-click on an Audio or Video component and then add a link in the input box. Simple as that.

Choose whether to export the asset library when exporting RP files

When exporting RP files, you can now select Export asset library to export your asset library together.

Specify the zoom ratio manually when editing prototypes

In addition to using the default zoom levels or shortcuts to zoom in or out of the canvas, you can now manually set the zoom level. Double-click the zoom percentage in the top toolbar to get this done.

Improved performance and stability on basic editing and operations

We fixed occasional lagging, crashing & freezing issues during basic editing and operations. This drastically improves performance and stability.

Improved data security and stability

As an online prototyping tool, Mockplus RP always tries its best to help users deliver new products and features as securely as possible. This update optimized our data security mechanism and greatly improved our data security and stability.

Improved data security and stability

Optimized the default style and property of multiple components

In this update, we have improved the default styles and properties of various components, including:

  • Number Input: You can now add placeholder texts to it.
  • Charts: You can now set empty cells or null values for all the chart components.
  • And more!

Resolved multiple issues with batch editing locked layers

We also resolved various problems that appeared during batch editing of locked layers, including:

  • Incorrect movement of locked layers when multiple layers, including locked ones, are selected and moved to another artboard.

  • Unable to move selected layers, including locked ones, using keyboard arrow keys.

  • Deselection of all selected layers, including locked ones, if the shift key was held down while clicking with a mouse.

Now let's move on and see what's new in Mockplus DT.

Mockplus DT

Three new Golden Ratio overlays 

In design and photography, the principles of the Golden Ratio are widely recognized as key to creating aesthetically pleasing and balanced compositions.

This update introduces three new Golden Ratio overlays:

- Golden Spiral

- Golden Grid

- Golden Rectangle

These Golden Ratio overlays can help you enhance the composition of your design. The overlays provide a visual guide to help you align elements and use the Golden Ratio principles in your work.

Golden Ratio overlays

Automatically generate thumbnail for projects

Previously, users could only distinguish projects by different project names with the same default thumbnails. It was annoying and time-consuming.

Now, Mockplus RP will automatically and regularly generate a default project thumbnail according to the designs inside of this project. You can quickly locate the project you are looking for. Amazing, right?

Automatically generate thumbnail for projects

Preview designs on Mockplus mobile App

Have you ever used our Mockplus mobile app? It's super easy to access UI/UX designs from Mockplus RP/Axure/Photoshop/Sketch/XD/Figma anywhere on your phone. And you can now preview your designs in Mockplus DT directly on it too. (You may also download Mockplus Mobile App to try this out now.)

Preview designs on Mockplus obile App

Real-time mouse cursor display with user name tag in multi-user collaboration

With this update, multi-user collaboration has been made more efficient by introducing a real-time mouse cursor.

Each user who is editing the file will be assigned a unique cursor, distinguished by a color and name tag, so that all team members can see and understand each other's movements in real time. This will ensure smoother collaboration and avoid any missteps.

Real-time mouse cursor display with user name tag in multi-user collaboration

Quickly select the layer behind the overlaying artboards

With this update, you can now effortlessly select and access the layers that are behind overlapping artboards, making it easier for you to edit and modify your designs.

Quickly select the layer behind the overlaying artboards

Improved performance & stability 

In this latest update, we optimized Mockplus DT to boost performance and ensure everyone works smoothly with maximum efficiency.

Refer to our release notes to access additional features and upgrades included in this release. Furthermore, you can visit the Mockplus website to experience all these new and improved features for yourself.

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Free prototyping tool for web and mobile app design
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