Mobile app prototyping at its simplest

Iterate and test your mobile app designs on any device



Pre-built UI libraries for iOS & Android app prototyping

Prototype mobile ideas quickly by using rich pre-built components, templates, and icons tailored for Android, iOS phones and tablets.

All items, Popup menu, Tabs, Text field, Panels, Buttons, can be edited till fits the feel and look of your screen.

Build clickable app wireframes without repetitive work

We have many awesome features to speed up your design process. You can streamline design by using Project Tree, Mind Map, and UI Flow.

Integrate with Sketch and Cloud to streamline design workflow

Mockplus Classic is fully integrated with Sketch and Mockplus Cloud. You can export your Sketch files into Mockplus Classic and transform them into interactive designs that look like the real thing.

With seamless integration with Mockplus Cloud, all your designs can be published to a professional product design platform with all quality remained. In Mockplus Cloud, you can have a better designer-developer collaboration.

What used to be time-consuming can now be done with the speed of thought, everything is a drag & drop away and with the number of components Mockplus has to offer, you will never feel the need of creating one.

Dorjan Vulaj (TheDsgnr)|UI/UX Designer, TheDsgnr

Test your app mockups on any device

Share and test clickable mobile prototypes with HTML link, demo package, QR code, mobile app, etc, so that all the members and clients can view your app prototype directly on Android or iOS device. It will look like the real app.

UI interactions & animations that work like real

Pick from a set of pre-designed functional components, including Pop-up Panel, Stack Panel, Scroll Box, Sliding Drawer and Image Carousel, to create interactive app prorotypes.

Drap and drop to add advanced interactions and transition animations, so that you can make the most realistic UI and smoothest user experience ever.

Collaborate and iterate in real-time

Share and get feedback in one place - faster and easier. Get feedback from clients by having them comment directly on the prototypes, removing email chains, meeting and unrecorded input.

Have better collaboration with designers, developers, and product managers on our online product design platform, Mockplus Cloud.

The best mobile app templates for your next project

Here is how you prototype an app

It's super easy with Mockplus Classic

Step 1

Create mobile screens

Pick a template that fits your purpose, or drag components into the canvas to quickly do screen design.

Step 2

Turn wireframe into prototype

Add interactions and transactions with drag-and-drop. Bring your app prototypes to life.

Step 3

Test on real mobile device

Publish the completed prototype and review it with your teams, clients and stakeholders via a shareable link.

Prototype amazing mobile apps with Mockplus Classic faster and easier


Edit, save and reuse UI masters to avoid heavy and repetitive works.

UI flow

Generate and export UI flow to check and view interactions flow anytime.

Design specs

Create prototypes with better UI layout and more accurate design.

Component libraries

Sync component libraries and component styles for better management and collaboration.

UI Style Guide

Sync and manage UI style guides to make a digital product’s user interface and experience cohesive.

Sketch integration

Import Sketch files directly to create real-life app prototypes with ease.

The best prototyping tool for mobile apps
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