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Best App Design Inspiration of Month #2 in 2019

Sep 2, 2019 150557

Finding just the right inspiration for app design is not an easy task, especially considering that there is a glut of free and commercial UI/UX examples online. To narrow down the field, we’ve collected a selection of what we think are the best app designs to give you a creative boost. This selection covers topics such as work, fitness, food, photography, eCommerce, and weather.

1. Kenko - WorkoutTracker App

Designer: Vitaly Rubtsov

Kenko is a fitness app that has a mixed color scheme of white and blue. This gives a sleek feel to its UI, leaving no doubt as to its technological roots. The design is based on the iPhone X device frame and implements unique interaction between the UI elements and the iOS system. It is a great example of modern design.


2. Marvel Movies Interaction

Designer: Vijay Verma

This example adopts AE effects extensively and uses card switching for transition. The designer implements minimalism impressively. There are barely any elements on the screen, and yet functionality is not sacrificed. It is worth nothing that each custom UI component requires development. You'll definitely find inspiration for mobile app design here.


3. Dinner Served

Designer: Ryan Johnson

Maybe you are one of the people plagued with the problem “what to eat”. If so, this app is the ultimate solution for you. Ryan uses the carousel design perfectly to present simple yet healthy recipes. The UI allows users to make better choices with ease by following the KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) design principles.


4. Sleep Tracker

Designer: Ramotion

This is a sleep recording app that lets you better know your sleep patterns and thus improve the sleep quality. By adopting two sets of UI color schemes of pure white and black, it meets the demands of more users. Also, the time-division record makes data presentation clearer.


5. Wine Searcher

Designer: Tom Koszyk

This is an app designed for wine lovers. The app is divided into two main parts: user guide and product details. Its ingenious fonts and left-aligned typography make it stand out.


6. Bouquet App

Designer: Tubik Studio

Flowers are quite common in daily life, and there are a number of apps like Bouquet online. What amkes this design pop is that it engages users in a very interesting way. Users can not only choose from existing flower bouquets but also manually create bouquets using their favorite blooms. The use of colors is brilliant - combining with the rich colors of the flowers with the background.


7. Online Beauty

Designer: Kate Buke

By using light and soft colors, this app looks skin-friendly from the get-go. The design also utilizes various text effects and lines, making it a feast for the eyes.


8. Weather

Designer: Dmitriy Haraberush

In addition to displaying regular temperature or weather conditions, this app also has a separate page for traffic and air quality. It’s a typical example of using mask effect and material design, while keeping it fashionable and trendy.


9. Camera and Photo Editing

Designer: Natay

This is a photo editing app for photography enthusiasts. The design is modern, and almost all operations can be achieved by dragging & dropping the progress bar. The clean interface with minimal text makes it easy-to-navigate.


10. Air Conditioner Controller

Designer: Grace Saraswati

This air conditioner app has a cool set of icons and color palettes. The avatar of a polar bear in the center makes the user feel as if they were in the North Pole. The hamburger menu is used to hide the less important information, keeping things simple and pleasant to view.


11. Music App UI

Designer: Giga Tamarashvili

Thanks to its use of bold colors, the design is extremely eye-catching. Its aligned layout and translucent design helps, too. Not only is its UI vibrant, but it's also designed to present information easily without distractions.


12. School Bell

Designer: Ali Babaei

This is another great example of simplistic design, displaying important information in black and white. Interestingly, this does not conflict with the green/pink background. Integration is really well executed.


13. Satispay iOS App

Designer: Enzo Li Volti

This app for mobile payments has a pleasing UI. It also offers a good experience by using large numbers (for easy viewing). In addition to the use of gradient colors for real-time data, the design uses white as a background, making for a perfectly simple experience.


14. Project Assistant

Designer: Artem Boichenko

Unlike other business software that use blue as the main color, Project Assistant takes advantage of purple and blends red & yellow on some UI elements. Instead of using text, it uses icons for descriptions. It obeys the principle of "Less is more".


15. Login & Home Screen

Designer: Anton Aheichanka

Another app for Material Design, this uses AE effects throughout the whole interface. The most attractive part is that this app displays ink paintings in the background. This delivers a taste of Chinese and Western elements combined.


16. Educational App

Designer: Abderezak KAFI

This app is designed to encourage kids to read more books. It lets users win points by playing online quizzes, and they can use the points to buy gifts. The cartoon icons and various types of transition animation effects play an important role to entice more children to participate.


17. Podcast

Designer: Yeremias NJ

Compared to conventional radios, apps like Podcast are becoming more popular nowadays. This app answers the entertainment and social needs of modern people. Its translucent design is a refreshing sight.


18. Recycling and Discounts App Concept

Designer: Kath Vizcarra

This app helps users record bottles or cartons they have recycled. It adds a gamified aspect as users can gain scores to get discounts on consumption. Its green buttons and embedded dynamic navigation map are aligned with the "green concept".


19. Day 14 - Events App

Designer: Camilla Menin

Designed for discovery of nearby concerts and events, this app uses a bold color scheme which is like the color wheel in UI design. This results in a strong and attractive visual impact.


20. Travel Destination Finder

Designer: Meeta Sadhwani

The most outstanding part of this app is the use of scrolling horizontal navigation, which allows users to choose the departure and return time intuitively. The bright and uniform background color makes this design vibrant.


Wrap Up

This concludes our collection of 20 best app inspiration in 2019 (so far). In case you need more resources for mobile app design, we have some recommendations for you below:

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