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15 Best Free Bootstrap UI Kits in 2019 to Simplify Your Design

May 17, 2019

Bootstrap UI Kit is one of the most popular design frameworks for web development and responsive design today. It makes prototyping and web design much easier.

The Mockplus team has compiled a batch of free Bootstrap UI toolkits, just take it as an easier starting point.

For your convenience, these Bootstrap UI kits shared today are mainly classified into the following categories:

  • Bootstrap UI HTML Kit
  • Bootstrap UI XD kit
  • What is Bootstrap Material Design
  • Bootstrap Material Design Example


5 Best Free Bootstrap HTML UI Kits

1. Get Shit Done Kit

Bootstrap UI kit- Get Shit Done Kit

Free Download

This free Bootstrap 3 UI kit offers responsive design and easy-to-use design elements. The toolkit contains 22 components, 3 custom plugins, and 1 sample page. Get Shit Done provides all the necessary CSS resources, just use "css / get-shit-done.css" in the HTML template to use.

2. Shards Dashboard Lite React

Shards Dashboard Lite React

Free Download

Shards is a modern design system based on Bootstrap 4 with 10 additional custom components and 2 pre-built landing pages. The entire file is very lightweight, and its style sheet is only 13kb compressed. By default, Shards supports the Material and Font Awesome packages.

3. Bootstrap3 Vector UI Kit

Bootstrap3 Vector UI Kit

Free Download

This UI kit contains all the Twitter Bootstrap 3 UI components in vector format, including all sliced, styled basic UI elements and HTML encoding. This UI kit supports downloading in three different formats: PDF, Sketch, and AI.

4. Bootstrap UI kit- bootstrap-ecommerce

Bootstrap UI kit- bootstrap-ecommerce


Free Download

Bootstrap-ecommerce UI kit is an opensource toolkit with HTML, CSS and JS technology that allows it to be used for e-commerce sites, marketing, and product booking sites. Off-the-shelf plug-ins make it easy to prototype quickly. In addition, the toolkit includes an e-commerce template starter kit.

5. Bootstrap UI kit- Stream

Bootstrap UI kit- Stream

Free Download

The Stream UI Kit is an open source Bootstrap 4 UI Kit HTML with 5 beautiful full pages, including more than 20 reusable and customizable UI modules such as color, typography, fonts, buttons and more.

5 Best Free Bootstrap XD UI Kits

1. Adobe XD Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Adobe XD Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Free Download

This is a free Adobe XD Bootstrap 4 UI Kit based on the popular front-end framework Bootstrap 4, including all components such as tables, images, buttons, fonts, colors, and more. Use this UI kit to easily design a bootstrap-based site.

2. Adobe XD Bootstrap 4 Grid Template

Adobe XD Bootstrap 4 Grid Template

Free Download

Currently, XD does not support creating layout grids. With this kit, you can also easily create meshes. It offers a grid for 4 different screen sizes.

3. Bootstrap UI kit- Take me

Bootstrap UI kit- Take me

Free Download

This is a Bootstrap UI kit for travel themes. The system components and site-building elements help you to quickly build a travel website and improve the workflow. Also, it supports downloading three different formats: PS, Sketch, and XD.

4. Universal Web UI Kit

Universal Web UI Kit

Free Download

This minimalist kit includes 523 UI components for creating modern online stores, blogs, magazines or online media. The designer offers a 2-color typography system where you can change the text style, color, add or replace photos and graphics, or customized templates according to your own needs.

5. Malta Financial iOS app UI Kit

Malta Financial iOS app UI Kit

Free Download

Malta is a very good UI kit with more than 20 iPhone XS financial application screens. All components are fully customizable. Free Google fonts and a variety of free icons are used in the kit, which can be used to further design on Sketch, Photoshop, XD and Figma.


All the Bootstrap XD UI Kits can be opened on iDoc for further design and delivery to developers. With the XD plugin, you can generate specs and assets automatically. That will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Mockplus idoc

Bootstrap Material Design


What is Bootstrap Material Design?

Material Design for Bootstrap is an open source toolkit based on Bootstrap for developing Material Design apps with HTML, CSS, and JS. Quickly prototype your ideas or build your entire app with our Sass variables and mixins, responsive grid system, extensive prebuilt components, and powerful plugins built on jQuery.

Great Bootstrap Material Design Examples


1.Bootstrap 4 & Material Design -Portfolio Example

Bootstrap 4 & Material Design -Portfolio Example

Free Download

Built using MDBootstrap, this template is a powerful and free UI toolkit with more than 400 material UI elements, more than 600 material icons, 74 CSS animations, SASS files, templates, tutorials and more. The fully responsive design allows it to be rendered on screens of all sizes.

2. Material Kit -Material Design Example

Material Kit -Material Design Example

Free Download

The Material Kit is a free Bootstrap 4 UI kit with a new design inspired by Google's material design. It contains 60 components,3 sample pages, and 2 fully customizable plugins.

3. React Admin Dashboard Template – Dashboard Example

React Admin Dashboard Template – Dashboard Example

Free Download

This free, responsive dashboard template includes many different styles of dashboards and data presentation components.Built with the latest Bootstrap 4, React JS and Material Design, it is free for personal and commercial use.

This template is built using MDBootstrapand contains more than 500 material UI elements, more than 600 material icons,74 CSS animations, SASS files, templates, tutorials, and more.

4. Landing Page Template – Landing Page Example

Landing Page Template

Free Download

This landing page template provides a full or half-page introduction, CTA buttons, tables and many other important components. It contains more than 400 material UI elements, more than 600 material icons, 74 CSS animations, SASS files, templates, tutorials, and more.

5. Material Admin –Admin Board Example

Material Admin –Admin Board Example

Free Download

Material Admin is a free management template built entirely using the Bootstrap framework, providing basic components such as buttons, icons, tables, and layouts.



Building on the Bootstrap framework, it's a very popular and convenient way to build beautiful and responsive web pages. I hope you can get inspiration from these 15 free Bootstrap UI kits and use them in your next design project.

Grace Jia

In-house writer, who loves UI/UX design and cooking food. She is a hard worker and full of energy.

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