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Blog > Web design > 12 Best Free Html5 Contact Form & Contact Us Page Templates in 2018

12 Best Free Html5 Contact Form & Contact Us Page Templates in 2018


More and more people do business online. A website is one of the best ways to display your products or brand. Giving your visitors the ability to contact you easily through a contact page is important to good customer service - web designers must pay attention to contact page design. The contact page is the best way for a visitor to reach out to you.  

Before website design, using a prototyping tool to visualize and test out your design ideas is an essential part of the design process.

But how to design a nice contact us page that makes it easier for website visitors to contact you? Here, I’ve provided 12 of the best free HTML5 contact form & contact us page templates in 2018 for your inspiration.

1. General Inquiry Contact Form - Responsive contact us page design layout

Designer: EltonCris 

Template features:

  • Simple white contact form
  • Fully responsive contact form design
  • Support customization
  • Adaptable to any web-page sidebar
  • Cloned 15547 times

General Inquiry Contact Form is the best responsive contact form template for your mobile responsive website. It has an excellent layout and responsiveness and looks good on all devices.

With its simple white interface, you can collect names, emails, contact numbers, websites, messages and other information your clients provide. This is a typical mobile responsive contact form for your website.


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2. Contact Form 15 - The best contact form design with a fancy header

Designer: Colorlib 

Template features:

  • Google map background
  • Fancy, concise and delightful header
  • Custom styled submit button
  • CSS3 and HTML5
  • Excellent color scheme

Contact Form 15 is a simple contact form based on CSS3 and HTML5 that can be used on any website. You can use this contact us page template to create an advanced contact page for nearly any niche and the industry you operate in.

It contains a Google Maps background which provides an accurate reference of your company's location. Moreover, it comes with useful form fields and a fancy header. The image and text can encourage visitors to get in touch with you. It is a quick and easy to use the form that includes name, email, message fields.


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3. Contact Form v10 - A simple contact form based on CSS3 and HTML5 that can be used on any website

Designer: Colorlib 

Template features:

  • Solid color buttons
  • Custom styled submit button
  • Large textboxes
  • Fully responsive to any screen
  • Round edges

Contact Form v10 is simple, free HTML5 contact form template. It has a custom styled button with a solid color scheme and the rounded form spaces, which make it display perfectly on any web and mobile screens. Contact Form v10 released in May 2018 and follows the design trend to provide a fantastic solution for all your users to contact you freely.


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4. Under the Sea Contact Form - Interactive contact form

Designer: An anonymous CodePen user 

Template features:

  • HTML, CSS, JS, JavaScript
  • Round edges
  • Clean color scheme
  • Interactive layout
  • Full-page contact form
  • Consistent animation
  • Excellent fonts

Under the Sea Contact Form is an interactive contact form that comes with the most beautiful and interactive designs based on JavaScript and CSS3. This is a full-page contact form that can display on any screen size but is especially suited for children’s sites that feature animation. This template also uses excellent fonts.


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5. Meet Our Team - Responsive bootstrap about us page template

Designer: Mobirise 

Template features:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Unique Styles
  • Consistent animation
  • About us page design
  • Complete website page
  • Fully responsive

Meet Our Team is a responsive bootstrap about us page template that contains every element a web page needs. This template contains 3 main sections, the team introduction, the contact us form, and the client's introduction.

If you need a fully designed contact us page template that contains a clean contact us form, this one is your best choice. The feedback form is simple and has a large textbox, which provides ample space for your clients to leave feedback.

5-MEET-OUR -EAM-Responsive-Bootstrap-About-Us-Page-Template

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6. Bootstrap 3 Contact Form - Best website contact page

Designer: reusable forms 

Template features:

  • HTML Code
  • Video demo
  • Customization/usage guide
  • CSS styling
  • jQuery form submission
  • Form validation
  • Server-side handling
  • Image background

Bootstrap 3 Contact Form is a fully responsive website contact page. This template is quite different from the average with a fantastic full-screen image background. The excellent color scheme and contrast between the dark background and the white contact form is sure to encourage feedback. It has a big text-box to receive information from your user.


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7. Contact Form HTML/CSS Template - Free contact page design with an eye-catching background image

Designer: reusable forms 

Template features:

  • Custom styled submit button
  • Consistent animation
  • Interactive page design
  • Icons+text
  • HTML, CSS template
  • Background image

Contact Form HTML/CSS Template is another one of the best contacts us pages from There is an eye-catching background image that appeals to visitors. The animation is excellent and provides interaction with the user.


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8. HTML5 Contact Form - A HTML5 built full-width contact form

Designer: codepen 

Template features:

  • CSS3 and HTML5
  • Customization
  • Full-width contact form
  • Bright color scheme

The HTML5 Contact Form is a simple contact us page template using CSS3 and HTML5. This template provides implementation steps for you to customize it easily to your own project. Just copy the HTML and CSS code and paste it into your website. The default color is bold, but it can quickly be adjusted with some CSS3 modifications.


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9. Choice Screening - Contact form example with an excellent header

Why is this example a good one:

  • Concise, delightful "Talk to a Human" header
  • The layout is clear and easy to use
  • Provides multiple ways to contact
  • Nice use of images
  • Contains contact details
  • Well-written copy
  • Responsive

This contacts us page is a well-organized page with contact information including email for every department. It shows the contact details and makes it clear so visitors understand the information. The contact form is very detailed and provides all the necessary information for contacting the business.


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10. Weifield Group Contracting - Mobile-friendly contact us page design

Why is this example a good one:

  • Includes 3 relevant icons
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Displays a navigation
  • Large CTA buttons
  • Nice use of color
  • Simple and useful design
  • Short and nice form

The Weifield Group's contact page is a mobile-friendly, simple and useful contact us page example. It includes useful navigation, short contact form, and large CTA buttons. You can click the buttons easily even on small-size screens.


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11. Mockplus - A different contact page with Slack links

Why is this example a good one:

  • Visitors can quickly find the link on the contact page
  • Offers designer community links
  •  the simple and concise layout
  • Clean and calm color scheme

Mockplus is a rapid prototyping tool. The contact page is quite simple. Instead of using a form, it provides a more intuitive way for users to contact the business according to their different requirements. Mockplus has especially added the Slack links on the contact page to make it easy for users to find the Mockplus exclusive community.


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12. Helloinnovation - Email contact form

Why is this example a good one:

  • Encourage visitors to say hello
  • Friendly and useful design
  • Use a bold color palette

This contact page is one of my favorite designs. It includes a CTA to encourage the visitors to “Say Hello.” The use of color is very bright and coupled with bold typography, it creates a beautiful contrast to stimulate the user's emotion.


Check out the example

Above are the 12 best free HTML5 contact form & contact us page templates and examples. If you like it, just download and apply it to your next project.

Trista Liu

In-house UX copywriter. She is passionate about UX design, always bursting with energy and full of new ideas.

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