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Blog > Product design > How to Design a Portfolio in 3 Steps

How to Design a Portfolio in 3 Steps


Another hiring season is coming, many designers are in preparation for applying a new job with higher goals. During the interview, portfolio is one of the for a successful ux design interview. It represents the ability and accomplishment of a designer. But, sometimes even though you have some excellent designs, you might don't have an excellent portfolio. Well, how to design a portfolio?

When you build a design portfolio, there are three things that you need to focus.

1. Interesting originality

2. Clear logic

3. Fetching expressiveness

Step 1: Interesting originality

Creating an interesting originality is the best method to attract users when there are so many designs publishing everyday. There are some writers of sensational headlines whose posts may not be that good, but the headlines are really attractive. But, of course, it's not the way of how to design a portfolio, we should pay more attention to interesting originality design. The idea of originality may come from everything: it may come to you while you sit in front of a desk, while you stand on the peak in travelling, and it may come to you while you study others' design. Well, here I recommend the demo projects of Mockplus, and there are plenty of apps and webs which are popular now. What's more, they provide the project files.

Interesting originality

Step 2: Clear logic

How to design a portfolio with an interesting originality? Just throw it on the ground and people will find out? Basically, that's not right. You need a clear logic to present your designs and works. There is logic not just in the single design, but among all the designs in the portfolio. While you are trying to make complicated things simple, it's also necessary sometimes to make simple things complicated, make everything connect to each other.

Clear logic

Step 3: Fetching expressiveness

If we take the interesting originality as the soul of your portfolio, the clear logic as the skeleton, then the fetching expressiveness is the flesh. It's terrifying when you see a running skeleton which is only carrying a soul, the flesh is too important to be ignored. All the shapes, lines, colors are not just lying down there, they have lives. Another recommended comes: Lake, it's a simple app for time spent, but you may have some inspiration from those drawings.

Fetching expressiveness

Above are three essential factors of designing an impressive portfolio. Hope they would be helpful when you're wondering how to design a portfolio.

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