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6 Best Mobile App Wireframe Tools for Free in 2017

Mockplus Team 296218 Views

To recommend 6 best mobile app wireframe tools by listing respective features which help designers to pick up their favorite free wireframing tools accordingly.

Wireframe tools play a crucial role in web design and software development, as they help developers and clients to visualize the web pages in the construction process. Project managers, web designers, and developers all need wireframe and prototyping tools to build their website maps and flowchart. Wireframes can not only help the designers save valuable time and get rid of a lot of troubles, but also enhance the developer’s awareness of the product and offer developers a clear structure of the product as well. Currently, wireframe tools grow rapidly in popularity, such as the market overlord Axure and the rising star Mockplus which bring designers and developers a new set of design experience. Here are six prevalent prototyping and wireframe tools that I want to recommend to you. These mobile app wireframe tools for free let designers and developers build their websites better.

1. JustinMind

Justinmind prototyping tool lets you create web and mobile app wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes. Design and customize UI elements with the drag and drop interface, add rich events and animations, import data from real databases, design responsively and work collaboratively with your team. You can also generate HTML prototypes that can be displayed in any browser, as well as in Microsoft Word specification documents

2. Mockplus

As a simple and powerful prototyping tool, Mockplus has gained widespread popularity with its unique characteristics among numerous prototyping and wireframe tools. Mockplus is a rapid prototyping tool for UX/UI designers, developers, project managers and other IT professionals. It is a fast-growing start-up on a mission to improve the user experience of prototyping. Mockplus allows users to pay more attention to the design itself without spending a lot of time on the study of software. With a simple drag-and-drop, you can build interactive prototypes effortlessly. Mockplus provides more than 3,000 icons and nearly 200 components for designers now.

In 2017, the Mockplus team released the Mockplus 3.2 version, which added powerful features including:

UI Flow Design Mode – Intelligent connections between pages which can be adjust manually; Export UI Flow at once.

Repeater - Convert any component easily into a Repeater. Drag the border of a Repeater to create repeated elements.

Demo Projects and Templates - Various built-in templates help you to build your prototypes on them, easy and fast.

Sketch Import - Insert Sketch Artboards into a Mockplus Team Project.

Other features like Mind Map Design Mode will be presented in the versions after Mockplus 3.2.

3.Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups is a rapid wireframing tool based on flash. It allows the designer to arrange pre-built widgets using a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor. Balsamiq Mockups currently contains hundreds of interface controls and beautiful icons. It is a popular fast-growing software across the world.


4. Moqups

Moqups, an online mockup and wireframe tool, was developed by Romanian software engineers, and was made available free of cost to the developer community across the world. You can create simple wireframe, solid model and UI concepts by using this online mockup, and its built-in templates can be used directly.



Pidoco is a web-based prototyping software designed to create clickable wireframe quickly. It can also be used to create user interface prototypes for web sites, mobile projects, and enterprise applications. It embodies a number of capabilities of sharing and collaboration as well as convenient usability test module.



Protoshare is a collaborative software tool which was designed for creating, reviewing, and refining website, mobile and web application prototypes. ProtoShare allows prototyping of websites and web and mobile apps by enabling developers to create true interactive experiences with a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface.


Excellent Mobile app wireframe tools for free are able to save a lot of valuable time and effort for designers. I firmly believe that you have an ability to be an excellent designer with the help of those free wireframing tools. If you are interested in UX/UI design, here are some design tips on how to be an excellent UX designer.

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