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Blog > Mobile design > 9 Best Mobile App Wireframe Tools for Free in 2017

9 Best Mobile App Wireframe Tools for Free in 2017

Apr 13, 2017

To ensure that early-stage iterations are fundamentally easier and inexpensive, free wireframe apps come to streamline these issues and allow designers purely concentrate on functions and interactivity. These apps help you to quickly get users a mock interface which can be visually sensed before coded. For developing basic hierarchy and typography in the interface, here are 9 Stunning Free Wireframe Apps in 2017 which are extremely helpful for visualizing your design. allows you to sketch your wireframes with a clutter-free environment rather than a bunch of annoying toolbars and icons usually seen in other wireframe apps. It is so simplified that you don’t even need to sign up. It also offers deigners a limited palette of options so as to make sure that designers eschew redundant color use and procrastination. Anyway, try it to know whether it’s for you.

2. Mockplus

Mockplus is actually one of my personal favorites. It is like how it is advertised - ”fast, smarter, easier”. It can run without any browser plug-in or even the Internet. It works just smoothly with a great number of neat components and icons available. Moreover, every single button, page, component can be simply linked to create interaction. Designers are allowed to extend their imagination by simple drag-and-drops. It’s no wonder why Mockplus is so popular. With the latest version come out with mindmap and project tree, I highly recommend it.

3. Gliffy

Compared to other free wireframe apps on this list, Gliffy in fact doesn’t stand out very much. Everything just work out just fine but does’ t impress me. If you ever make up up your mind to become $5 poorer every month to upgrade, Gliffy provides you with things like online collaboration, image export and version tracking. So it worth trying if these features are badly needed.

4. Moqups

Developed in standard HTML5 and JavaScript, Moqups is going stronger. It provides you with a drag-and-drop interface and allows revisions and sharing. I’ve used Moqups for several projects, maybe it is not the best but it does make a good application nonetheless.

5. Balsamiq

Balsamiq has been known for its hand-drawn style. If you give it up at the first sight, it’s definitely your loss. Because its style is intentionally made for designers to focus on the project itself. In other words, the basic premise behind Balsamiq is to encourage feedback as much as possible in a low-fidelity world.

6. Lovely Charts

Lovely Charts is a free wireframe app which is quite similar to Gliffy. As a reminder, you should sign up before using. It is especially for designers who need to create written document. Lovely Charts provides designers with several export options while the visual demonstration is not offered.

7. Pencil Project

Pencil Project is an open source free wireframe app for building diagrams and GUI prototypes. Designers can easily build iOS or Android wireframe templates and export the project as a PNG image, web page, OpenOffice file, PDF or DOC file. In a word, I’m just loving it.

8. iPhone Mockup

iPhone Mockup has a clean, minimalistic, organized interface.It may not be a fully-fledged diagramming tool, but it allows you to do some quick prototyping worrying about things like project files or load times. It’s handy to have a helper like this.

9. Protoshare

Protoshare is a web-based free wireframe app that worth considering because of it’s emphasis on collaboration and sharing. It allows designers to use custom CSS and insert custom elements. At the same time, It offers a sitemap and different types of elements for you to choose from.

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