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How Does Mockplus Help You to Make Rapid Prototyping?

Mockplus Team 12449 Views

Now there are not a few tools that are good for rapid prototyping. In this article I mainly talk about How Mockplus save your time.

Still build your prototypes little by little with old brand prototyping tool? Still rack your brains to achieve a satisfying interaction? Still be anxious on finding an efficient way to communicate with your clients? Dude, it's an age of rapid prototyping now. Time and tide wait for no man. When you spend a lot of time refine the startup page, others' prototypes have iterated for several times. When you are still hesitant to add a new feature to your product, the products of others have already been tested and achieved the usability goals. So, what you should do is to renew your ideas quickly and get rid of the shackles on you, and select the best way for you to improve prototyping solutions and work efficiently.

To make it, you need an easy to use prototyping tool. Now there are not a few tools that are good for rapid prototyping. In this article we mainly talk about How Mockplus save your time.

Save your time on building prototypes

Pre-designed components

With 200 pre-designed components and 3000 icons, you can quickly make a design without spending too much time on refining the details. It's easy to find those frequently used components like tables, pager, status bars of iPhone and android phones, various charts in the library of Mockplus, which greatly saves your time on building a prototype.

Auto-recovery of interactions

In your interactive design, you may need to restore the original interaction once the first interaction occurs. This is often the case but requires you to copy two of the same components to achieve, with much troubles and sophisticated steps included.

Here is where "Auto Recovery" option comes in handy, and you can easily return to the original interaction by selecting it from the following "Commands" column. No more steps other than one click will get you there!

Auto Recovery in Mockplus


With the help of Master, you can apply global changes for the interactive prototype rather than repetitive operation.

My favorites

To make your design faster and easier, Mockplus allows you to add frequently used components, templates and images to your favorites.

Various shortcuts

It will great save your prototyping time if you can use shortcuts skillfully. In Mockplus there are comprehensive shortcuts. Ctrl + F1 to view all the shortcuts (Export to images, adjust the alignment, sync a project to cloud...)

Save time on project reviewing and testing

Real-time reviewing and online markup

You will like the feeling of teamwork in Mockplus: in any stage of prototyping, you can one-click to inform others to review the project (the reviewer doesn't need an account.) They can mark up the pages directly or add comments, which gives you the best team collaboration experience ever!

Online Markup

Various ways to share your projects

Mockplus supports multiple ways to share and test your project. You can quickly test your prototype on mobile phones.

When testing your prototype on Mockplus mobile app, the users don't need to register for an account, and they can quickly use your prototype by scanning the QR code.

It's too late to ask "Why time goes by so quickly" after the project is finished. To spend half a day on selecting a good prototyping tool carefully will save you hundreds of days and night on prototyping. If you are also interested in rapid prototyping, tools like Mockplus is an ideal choice. Just try to know more about it!



Mockplus is a desktop-based tool for prototyping mobile, web and desktop apps easily and quickly. Create interactions by simple drag-and-drop and your teamwork will be time-efficient with the collaboration features.

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