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Product Manager Meetup Held by Mockplus & Jin Chuang Club Finished Successfully!

Apr 3, 2018 39150

Mockplus, the all-inclusive tool to make prototyping faster and easier, united with Jin Chuang Club, a product manager community from Hangzhou, China, held a product manager meetup in Hangzhou by the end of March. Three senior product managers were invited to share their working experiences and expertises on how product managers can improve their level of professionalism.

Before the activity started, all the guests and audiences signed in and received delicately designed notebooks from Mockplus.

Sign In Process

After the host's opening, first of all, Zhu Junhua, the CEO of Yun Yi Library, made his speech — "Indispensable Product Manager."

He pointed out the role, definition and value of product managers in the first place. He thought that product managers should solve the problems that arose in the current product development process and promote the company's product-led approach. Also, they should act as the leading role in the product development, keep abreast of competing products and industry trends, and go to the business line to do research, so as to improve the ability to make products.

Not only should they strengthen the capabilities of business process analysis, product design and user experience to enhance professionalism, but also help to cultivate team atmosphere and develop product iteration plan. This helps to raise the enthusiasm of the team in the collaboration. He concluded that the professionalism of product managers is more reflected in their analytical thinking, the analysis process as well as the analysis results.

Senior Product Manager

Secondly, Shen Dan, the former product director of Ru Han E-Commerce but now the product manager of Love Medical Co., Ltd., shared his speech “How to Show Your Professionalism in the Project”.

He pointed out that, to demonstrate professionalism in their projects, product managers should do the following things, including:

1. First of all, be clear about the positioning of products and conduct product research: make clear what makes the product different through the analysis of competing products and the understanding of the corporate structure of competing products; find out the product value by defining it; formulate the business model of the product by analyzing user usage scenarios and building user personas.

2. Secondly, during the startup period of the project: the management of team culture atmosphere should be strengthened; the project should be organized through product layering and business stratification; the work must start from the details; PRD documents and meeting minutes should be paid much attention to; data should be obtained and analyzed through basic data integration, business data abstraction and in-depth research. In the end, he pointed out that there is no end for learning if one wants to become an excellent product manager, and recommended two books to us - Dictionary for E-Commerce Product Manager & Lean Data Analysis.

Finally, Hong Shu, the Products Director of IN, shared his speech "5 Steps to Make An Innovative Product with Real User Value."

The first step is to clarify the concept of the product: it should make clear about the nature of the product, the internal logical relationship of the product, the existence of objective regularity of the product, and the user's cognition.

The second step is to design product features: product design can be understood as storytelling, which needs to clarify the scene, the role and the core experience points; make sure that your words can be understood, that is, product managers should not try to teach users something and don't let them guess what your product really wants to show.

The third step is to formulate an implementation strategy: throw out all the problems and possibilities; verify only the core part; make sure that the core part must meet the extreme requirements; only pay attention to the core data but not the total number; leave an appropriate margin for trials and unforeseen errors.

The fourth step is to verify rapidly the universality, the frequency, the degree and the pain point of the demand. And the last step is to test the results by bridging the gap between the early users and the massive later users.

Senior Product Manager

At the time of the intermission, the three guests patiently answered the questions the audiences asked.

Questions & Answers Process

After that, a lucky draw was held. The beautiful lady in the picture below won a cute cloth doll provided by Mockplus.

Giveaway of Mockplus

At the end of the activity, all the guests and the audience took a photo together.

Mockplus also provided free trials of Mockplus Personal/Team/Enterprise Editions for all the audiences who took part in this salon.

Mockplus Product Manager Meetup

Such a sharing meeting full of helpful insights and advices finally ended. Let's expect the next designer meetup in the near future!

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