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50 Free Profile Page Design Samples&Templates [PSD+Sketch] for Inspiration

Feb 21, 2019 3795932

With various streaming apps cropping up left and right, we have noticed drastic changes in mobile or web application user interface designs. Whether it's a web page or an app, profile page design is a crucial part in social networking platforms.

The user profile page is the most direct way for people to know each other, and it is also a symbol of personality. Having an excellent and eye-catching user profile makes you stand out, especially if you want to expand your brand.

So, the Mockplus team has compiled a list of 50 free profile page design samples and templates that will give you the inspiration you need to create profile pages that stand out.

This resource is divided into 3 sections:

  • 10 creative profile page design samples on Dribbble
  • 6 Well-known social networking sites redesigned
  • 34 profile page templates to download for free (Sketch, PSD files, etc.)

10 Creative Dribbble profile page design samples

1. Profile Page Design - Contact Me UI Animation

Designer: Riccardo Cavallo

A creative profile page animation designed by Riccardo Cavallo.

When you click the "Contact me" button, the email address, Twitter, and Facebook contact information will be displayed. The card-style page design not only saves space but also looks simple.

2. Profile Page Interaction

Designer: Rifayet Uday

Rifayet Uday designed this profile page with a black layout and the contrast of colors creates a striking visual effect. The interface and interaction make for a fresh experience.

3. Profile Edit Interaction

Designer: Sam Thibault

This is a quick interaction idea for editing profile details shared by Sam Thibault. When the user clicks on the avatar, four options will pop up: profile, avatar, credit card, and messenger. Users can click one of the buttons to edit the profile. The profile edit action is accompanied by fancy animation.

4. Fitness App Profile

Designer: Dannniel

Fitbit Fitness App Redesign Concept shared by designer Dannniel

It has a straightforward layout and functions are clearly displayed. Through this app, fitness enthusiasts are able to share their posts at any time and interact with like-minded friends.

5. Financial Advisors Profile

Designer: Bilal Ck

Financial Advisors profile page designed by Bilal Ck

Background: Advisor is a boutique firm of financial and investment strategists, with a long history of helping their clients develop and act on plans to achieve their financial goals.

6. Teammate Profile

Designer: Ryo Lu

Asana profile concept designed by Ryo Lu

Background: Asana is an easy-to-use tool for online communication and collaboration, well-suited to teams with remote members.. It lets you know what your teammates are working on and who they're working with. It also helps you discover the most convenient way to communicate with your teammates.

7. Sports App Profile Page Design

Designer: Rifayet Uday

Sports app designed by Rifayet Uday

His use of a rounded pentagon for avatars make for an interesting and unique look. You can see various records on the profile page. There are several sports modes available, and you can switch between them whenever you want.

The design also enables you to track your activities and movements in the different modes. Additionally, you can set goals for yourself and check recent routes.

8. Clean Web Profile Page

Designer: Bartek Marzec

A very simple web-based profile page template that is really pleasing to the eye, this is perfect for designers who like things simple.

9. Dashboard and User Profile Design

Designer: Shahidul Islam Shishir

10. Medical Profile Page

Designer: Rakhar Neel Sharma

This profile page has a clean, elegant, and fresh look. However, people with visual impairments may have problems using the app because of the light font and low contrast.

Well-known social networking sites redesigned 

1. Instagram

Designer: Dmitriy Kharaberyush

Designer Dmitriy moved the profile to the left side instead of displaying it centered, as it is with the current Instagram profile page. Moreover, he added some news functions on the left side, such as Feed, Explore, Notification, and stats, making navigation more convenient.

2. Linkedin

Designer: Gregoire Vella 

Gregoire's redesigned LinkedIn profile page has a lighter touch and offers a more pleasant experience.

3. Facebook

Designer: Jordan Warmoes-Nielsen

This Facebook profile page redesign is created by designer Jordan. It has a clear layout and exudes a sense of lightness. The whole page is divided into three parts: the left side contains personal information, the middle shows the user’s timeline, and the right side is a friend list for online chat.

4. Dribbble

Designer: Dawid Tkocz

Creative and colorful Dribbble profile page redesign

5. Twitter

Designer: Ramil

This 3-column layout is organized and neat. It looks great, but the contrast (of the titles and text in general) against the background is a bit low.

6. Uber

Designer: Midobel

The following is an excellent collection of profile page design templates and mockups for web designers, developers, and artists. It includes 34 cool profile pages UI that you can use in your upcoming projects. Download for free now!

Free PSD profile page design templates

1. Free PSD: profile design

2. Free PSD: User Profile & Account Details

3. Free PSD: User Profile & Inbox Messages

4. Artist Profile Freebie [Sketch & PSD]

5. PSD: User profile Page

6. User profile PSD freebie

7. Travel App Profile [Sketch & PSD]

8. Profile Card Free PSD

9. Profile PSD resource

Free Sketch profile page design templates&freebie

10. Profile card UI

11. User profile concept

12. Spotify Profile - Freebie

13. Music Profile page

14. Contact Profile Screen

15. Google Profile GUI PSD/Sketch

16. Dribbble Profile Card

17. HeadShot Theme

Material design profile page template&UI kit and for iOS and Android

18. 10 User Profiles UI Freebie

Material Design UI Kit — A complete set of 25 screen and 25+ UI elements, all guideline-compatible and for free. Thanks to Shadhin Lablu for sharing this amazing resource.

19. Profile UI Design

Material Design UI Kit — A complete set of 25 Screen, 25+ UI elements, Guideline Compatible, For free. Thanks Shadhin lablu for sharing this amazing resource.

20. Free Android UI kit

Here is a free UI kit with 8 smart objects including profile, feed, photos, notifications, etc.

21. Social User Profile

22. Profile Story - Freebie

23. Dahsboard User Profile Design

24. Poet Profile [Freebie]

25. Artist Musician Profile

26. Facility Profile

27. Social Profile

28. Personal Profile & Recent Posts

29. User profile - Freebie

30. Social profile page design

31. Rental Application Interface - Contacts

32. Figma freebie

33. User profile

34. AppConnecting - Animation

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For more tutorial: 

We hope the above 50 user profile page designs will give you the inspiration you seek. Don't forget to save this article and share it with your friends who could use a creative boost.

Use best web prototyping tool to create the lovely profile page
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Use best web prototyping tool to create the lovely profile page
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Use best web prototyping tool to create the lovely profile page
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