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Team Collaboration of Prototyping Tools: Axure VS Mockplus

Mockplus Team 19318 Views

What's the standard of a good prototyping tool? What's the pros and cons of the two different prototyping tools with team collaboration?

The production of a software will inevitably undergo an iteration process of demand analysis, design, development, testing, and publish. While in the design stage, the key elements play a vital role in the software design and development, including the prototyping design, production, communication, audit, and iteration.

This seems very simple to read, but if you made a careful analysis, a lot of information can be interpreted. Such as the reason to make prototyping and the importance of it in the software development. In the prototyping design process, the tool chooses, how to build the prototype, the position of fidelity, the team communication, and team collaboration are all will be involved in.

The available wireframing tools/prototyping tools all have their own highlights, such as the demand documentation of Axure, the fast interaction of Mockplus, and the high fidelity of Justinmind.Moreover, now the support for team collaboration also becomes an important standard to be agood prototyping tool, such as Axure and Mockplus.

1. Axure RP

The Axure RP Team Edition and Enterprise Edition support team collaboration to create and manage team projects, that is, multi users co-create a prototype.

Axure share

Pros: Axure RP and its supporting services Axure Share provides two main collaboration modes. The first is a team project which is a major feature of Axure RP. That allows users to cooperate with each other in a prototype project. The second is the online discussion which is a more extensive and simpler collaboration model than team projects.

Cons: Building a team project in Axure is based on the Axure Share server, rather than creating the project directly in the software. For users in China, it’s not so convenient to use this function due to the server and language barrier.


1) Login in Axure Share on browser;

2) Create a team name;

3) Create a team project or create a current file for the team project;

4) Login Axure Share to invite partners;

5) Accept the invitation;

6) Open the project in Axure software;

7) Edit the project;

8) View the prototype in Axure Share with the default password.

2. Mockplus

Based on its own definition of simple and fast prototyping tool, Mockplus recently added team collaboration which supports multi-users working on the same project, editing projects and reviewing online.


Pros: Each project allows multiple team members to participate in the design. The completed design can be consolidated by synchronization with one click. At the same time, Mockplus added the online review and annotation. The annotation function is very useful. It includes in eight annotation tools that can be used to punctuate and comment at any time on the prototyping. All the discussion, comments, and prototype versions will be retained.

Cons: Mockplus defines it as a simple and fast prototyping tool, and the teamwork collaboration is also easy to use, but the tutorial support is not so good for users to make a reference. At this aspect, it still needs some improvement and optimization.


1) Create a team project and synchronize it to the cloud on the start panel;

2) Add collaboration members;

3) The added members can directly open the project on their own client;

4) Obtain permission to edit the project;

5) Publish the project and invite partners to review or add annotations online.

If the UI/UX designers use the design feature of the prototyping tools, they can basically do their job well; while if they use the prototyping tools plus the team collaboration, they can save a lot of time and energy to accelerate the whole project. As a result, the tools that were originally used to create prototypes also become a team collaboration tool that covers the entire product design and development process. That will help the entire product team to maximize synergies.

In Mockplus V3.2, it added 5 major features are Repeater, UI Flow, Templates, Sketch Input, and Mindmap. Check the details below: Mockplus v3.2 Released! These New Features Awaiting for Your Check

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